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PCS7 Viewer’s Guide

ESL Masters Phase 2 may be over, but the PUBG Continental Series 7: Americas is right around the corner. Keep reading for more information on how it all breaks down.  This next major tournament runs from mid August through mid September with four stages. Those stages include an Open Qualifier and Regional Playoffs for both …
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Battleground Intelligence: Top stats from ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2 Grand Final
We were lucky enough to catch some incredible action during both weekends of the ESL Masters PUBG Phase 2 Grand Final. Grenades were lobbed, bullets were shot, and chicken was devoured. It was another fantastic time on the battlegrounds.  eUnited may have taken home the first palace trophy once again, but that doesn’t mean that …


ESL PUBG Masters Grand Final Analysis
ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2 has officially come to an end. eUnited – the team that took home the trophy during Phase 1 earlier this year – held onto their lead in order to win another ESL Masters tournament. This four man squad conquered the competition in order to earn a chunk of the …


PGC 2022: Mid-season PGC Point Summary
Hello, PUBG Esports fans! As we have entered the second half of the year, the teams are stretching for every single point available for the PUBG Global Championship 2022!  Check out below to find out more about the current official PGC Point standings of all four regions. EUROPE EUROPE will have a total of 8 …


Battleground Intelligence – ESL Masters Phase 2 Grand Final Week 1
Battle royales are all about data and there is a lot to break down from the first week of the ESL Masters Phase 2 Grand Final. Kills, placements, circle percentages and knocks are just some of the data points we can use to see which teams are truly dominating on the battleground.  eUnited is gaining …



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