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Global Partner Team Program Application Announcement

Hello PUBG Esports Fans. As we have announced in our previous PUBG Esports 2023 Roadmap, we are launching our new Global Partner Team Program with the application starting now! With the introduction of a new partner program, we will be offering exclusive benefits to our top esports partners to maintain and further develop a sustainable …
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Americas – Grand Final Overview
All the glory and action of the PUBG Global Championship 2022 (PGC) has come to an end. The near month long series showed us some incredible gunfights, tense hot drops, and hectic final circles.  32 teams competed from Nov. 1 and Nov. 20 in multiple stages of play, including a Group Stage, Bracket Stage, Grand …


PUBG Esports 2023 Roadmap
Hello, PUBG Esports fans!PUBG Esports has been special since the very beginning. Even before the game’s official launch, we had PUBG Esports teams forming and several fan-created competitive events being held by players interested in showing off their skills in this new, thrilling genre.Our fans laid the foundation for the PUBG Esports we have today, …


Americas – Grand Final Preview
It’s the event we’ve all been anticipating. The PUBG Global Championship 2022 (PGC) Grand Final is nearly upon us. After two weeks of action, only sixteen teams remain in the battle to be the best PUBG squad in 2022.  PGC began on Nov. 1 with 32 teams from across the globe. Sixteen teams have been …


Fantasy PUBG Esports is now LIVE in North America to Offer Fans a Unique Way to Immerse Themselves in PUBG Esports
Seoul, New York, Berlin, November 15, 2022 – KRAFTON Inc., GRID Esports, and ThriveFantasy released today Fantasy PUBG Esports for fans in North America. The product is available via the ThriveFantasy App for iOS and Android, in addition to its website. The goal of playing Fantasy PUBG Esports isn’t always to win the big prize. …



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