by Ty Brody

As we near the end of a PUBG Esports season that provided plenty of captivating moments, let’s take one final look at our PCS Power Rankings for 2020. Our final rankings will take into consideration the team’s performance at the Charity Showdown, PCS1, PCS2, and PCS3 but lean heavily on recent results – the way Power Rankings are intended to. Weighing each team’s performance across the entire season can be tricky when you begin to add and subtract players during the numerous “roster royales”. It’s far from a bulletproof list, but that’s the fun part. Nevertheless, I believe our list provides an accurate overall look at how the region’s best performed throughout this year.

This year, the PUBG Continental Series presented fans with nonstop action as the best teams across North America competed for a spot in three PCS Grand Final events. Each of the finals played host to the most impressive moments and highlights as the competitors chased PCS Championships. We witnessed the dominant rise of a team that made their case to be the greatest in the region’s history, players who performed above and beyond to assist their team when the pressure was on, and much much more.

We’re kicking things off with teams ranked between 17th – 24th, our initial end-of-year PCS Power Ranking will feature these eight teams and take into consideration each squad’s performance over the 2020 Season. Teams who did not qualify for PCS3 NA will not be featured in our end-of-year PCS Power Rankings.

 24. Pros Don’t Snake

Pros Don’t Snake joined the PCS3 NA Group Stage under special circumstances. The team would have narrowly missed out on the next round following their ninth-place finish just one point behind the qualification cutoff line. Thankfully for PDS, one of the teams who did qualify eventually failed to submit their roster, vacating a spot for Pros Don’t Snake. Over the team’s three-week Group Stage, PDS collected 78 points but struggled to find their consistency.

 23. San Diego Rarity

Top-eight in NA Challenger Cup 2 secured a spot in the PCS3 NA Group Stage where San Diego Rarity ultimately finished 22nd up against the region’s best. During the Group Stage, the team was led by “Subtle” and “Inn8” in Kills and Damage Dealt. They settle in at No.23 on our list after just coming up short in the Group Stage where they finished 22 points separated from the Grand Final cutoff point.

 22. Gravity

Gravity played great throughout NA Challenger Cup 2 and finished in first to earn their spot in the PCS3 NA Group Stage. The team may not have qualified for the Grand Final, but their showing over the three-week Group Stage proved they could compete at the highest level. Individually, “Lipsin” was the team’s leader in Kills and Damage Dealt, with former 303 Esports player “DRich” just behind him.

 21. Virtue

By themselves, “Baddylul” and “Evasionyx” brought plenty of individual talent and experience to Virtue’s roster. Once the team arrived in the PCS3 NA Group Stage, “Tanaka” played a major role in the team’s success contributing 23 Kills over thirty matches. The team placed in eighteenth, just missing out on the Grand Final by nine points.

 20. One Eye Open

The lone newcomer to secure a spot in the PCS3 NA Grand Final, One Eye Open surprised many with their play throughout the Group Stage where they finished in fifteenth. The team wasn’t immediately on the radar coming into Groups, but they quickly showed they could collect kills and position themselves within late-game zones. “Delta” and “P4TRON” did their best, but the team was simply outmatched during the Grand Final.

 19. Team Clueless

Team Clueless was far too talented to miss out on the Grand Final. “Hambinooo”, “Shuhroo”, “Nick101” and “NHS” entered the Group Stage with high expectations and appeared to be the best Challenger Cup team on paper. Any fairly new roster will need time to get comfortable with their teammates and develop the “synergy” that makes other squads so efficient. TC may not have reached that point in their evolution before the end of the PCS3 NA Group Stage.

 18. Ascendance Esports

While the team may not have had the greatest finish to the PCS3 NA Group Stage, Ascendance Esports earns their spot at No.18 on our list due to the team’s ability to qualify for all three PCS series this season. The roster and results at each PCS event varied this season, but the team was able to participate in each of the PCS series and maintain their spot inside the region’s strongest lobby.

 17. Tactical 8

This team could easily warrant a higher place on our PCS Power Rankings when you take into consideration the team’s talent and future potential. The team qualified for each of the three PCS events this season, but their final standing averages out to about 16th in the last three tournaments. Our ranking is meant to take a look at the team’s performance over the PCS events, though I wouldn’t be shocked to see a much improved Tactical 8 in the DreamHack Winter Showdown. The team recently added “Decinator” to an already talented roster, and I’m excited to see what they’re able to accomplish together.

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