by Ty Brody • November 5, 2020

Just hours from the start of the PCS3 North America Grand Final, the region’s best sixteen teams are set to compete over the following three weeks to determine our PCS3 NA Champion. Before the action begins, we asked our on-air experts to choose a player or team for each of the five superlative awards. Keep an eye out during the Grand Final to see if our talent managed to accurately predict one of these awards.

The 'Friendly Fire is On' Award: The player most likely to fire through one of his own teammates to make sure he gets credit for a kill.

If you’ve played the game enough yourself, you know that this is going to happen at some point. Maybe you and a teammate tried to seat swap at the same time and you hit him before the enemy, or maybe you drifted the vehicle a bit too far when going for a revive, the point is we’ve all unintentionally knocked a teammate while playing PUBG. Luckily for us, when that does happen to us, there aren’t thousands of viewers spamming LUL in Twitch chat.

This award belongs to the player who, regardless of whose standing in between them, is going to secure the kill point on the enemy player. Which player comes to mind when you think of someone firing through a teammate to secure one additional kill for their stat sheet?

Michael “Hypoc” Robins: ‘Shrimzy’. He's always the most desperate to try and match the stats put up by ‘TGLTN’.

Stephanie “Klov3r” Naboshek: I can name a few who might drive over their teammates…

Steven “Toffees” Pierce: ‘Snakers’

The 'Rocky Balboa' Award: The team most likely to start off slow but make a run for first by the end of the final.

Throughout PCS tournaments this year, we’ve seen teams bounce back after a slow start. It isn’t the most reliable way to secure a spot towards the top of the leaderboard, and it’s never how a team intends for their tournament unfold, but a rocky start to the Grand Final could be the first obstacle for our future PCS3 Champion.

Certainly, some teams are built better for a comeback worthy of the ‘Rockey Balboa’ award. In the past, an impressive comeback like this has required an above-average kill total, consistent high placements, and a couple of Chicken Dinners to generate the leaderboard climb we’re talking about. Heading into the PCS3 Grand Final, which of our sixteen teams would you say is most likely to fall behind early but still capable of rallying late in the tournament?

Michael “Hypoc” Robins: Oath. Historically, I believe this team is the most influenced by momentum. We've seen them previously start a day off with a zero-point game and then string together consecutive wins with high kill counts.

Stephanie “Klov3r” Naboshek: Zenith Esports

Steven “Toffees” Pierce: Houston Hardshifts

The '30 Bomb' Award: The team most likely to collect 20 Kills AND win the match during the PCS3 Grand Final.

Twenty kills and a match victory, this would be an incredible feat for any team to accomplish. Considering we haven’t seen this in PCS NA all year, even in Group Stage lobbies where teams are more likely to “feed” kills, it’s very unlikely we will see something like this happen in the PCS3 Grand Final. However, if there was a team to do it, which of our competitors would you say is most likely?

Michael “Hypoc” Robins: STK. Their playstyle when they are playing edge and have to move on foot through other teams is unmatched. Whenever they have to fight their way into a circle they always rack up kills along the way.

Stephanie “Klov3r” Naboshek: Soniqs

Steven “Toffees” Pierce: Soniqs

The 'Fast and Furious' Award: The team most likely to be on top in Kill Points but the bottom in Placement Points.

An award such as this one speaks considerably to the playstyle of the team. To collect more kills than any other team in this lobby while simultaneously having the fewest placement points would mean that you’re decimating the lobby early on and then getting wiped before the top-eight. So when considering the potential winners of this superlative, you’re looking at teams who are unafraid of taking team fights as they rotate around the map. And not just that, they have come out on top of these engagements before being quickly eliminated before the late-game action starts. Do any teams that come to mind for the ‘Fast and Furious’ award?

Michael “Hypoc” Robins: Guadalajara Gascans

Stephanie “Klov3r” Naboshek: Shoot To Kill

Steven “Toffees” Pierce: Guadalajara Gascans

The 'Jack Bauer' Award: The player most likely to win a 1v4 fight with the match on the line.

This highlight is one thing in public games when a professional player mercilessly tears through a squad of unexpecting casuals that instantly hit the report button. It’s a completely different thing when a player manages to pull off a one versus four during a competitive match, particularly in a Grand Final when facing even greater competition.

A handful of players come to mind when considering who is most likely to deliver this kind of highlight during the Grand Final. With that said, every player to this point in PCS3 has proven that they belong on the big stage, and the potential to produce one of the most memorable highlights of the event is there for all sixty-four. If you were to make a guess as to which player is most likely to win in a one-versus-four scenario during the Grand Final, who would it be?

Michael “Hypoc” Robins: ‘Snakers’. I almost saw this happen before, and I don't even credit this to his insane clutch ability. It’s more that he's one of the most mechanically skilled players we have in North America, and right now he's in fantastic form.

Stephanie “Klov3r” Naboshek: ‘PurdyKurty’

Steven “Toffees” Pierce: ‘TGLTN’

What are you most looking forward to during the PCS3 Grand Final?

PCS3 North America Grand Final is shaping up to be one of our most competitive events of the year featuring the very best this region has to offer. Amongst the many potential champions and MVP candidates that we’re looking forward to watching, if you were to pick one thing about the Grand Final you’re most excited for, what would it be?

Michael “Hypoc” Robins: Not seeing a repeat champion.

Stephanie “Klov3r” Naboshek: The potential for either a repeat champion or a brand new victor is exciting. Regardless of who wins, I'm looking forward to seeing NA's talent showcased.

Steven “Toffees” Pierce: Any Trolls in the Chat were, in my opinion, sluggish and distracted during the group stages. This time they will be focused and rested, so I look forward to them making a strong statement on Day One.

The action begins soon, so don’t miss out on what is sure to be one of the most exciting events of the year. Tune in for the first day of the PCS3 Grand Final on Thursday, November 5 at 7 pm EST / 4 pm PST over on the PUBG Twitch channel.