Rank Decision Results / What's next in PGI.S?

February 8, 2021

What is PGI.S?

The PUBG Global Invitational.S is a safe, survival showdown to bring teams from 8 regions around the world together for what is already turning into one of our biggest tournaments.

PGI.S is a hybrid lan/online event introducing a 6-week Weekly Series (combining Weekly Survival and Weekly Finals matches), a $3.5M prize pool 30% Pick'Em Challenge, and the first of four 2021 PUBG Esports on the Road to PGC. Securing wins will net cash for teams-the team with the most cash at the end will be crowned Champion!


Who is in PGI.S?

We invited 32 teams from 8 regions including Europe, China, Southeast Asia, Korea, North America, South America, Chinese Taipei, and Japan to participate in PGI.S!

Check out the PGI.S Team Announcement video!

PGI.S Format

  • 32 Teams Participate in Rank Decision from Feb 5-7
  • The Top #16 teams will be the first to enter Weekly Series and begin stacking cash between Feb 8-March 28
  • When a team wins 1 of the 16 Weekly Survival matches, they automatically move to Weekly Finals. Then, the next team in the seed moves into the remaining Survival Matches.
  • Teams that win during Weekly Survival have additional opportunities to net cash during Weekly Finals!

PGI.S offers a fresh take on PUBG Esports! We can't wait to see the tournament unfold.

Rank Decision

Our first taste of the action-to-come in PGI.S happened during PGI.S Rank Decision! Over 24 matches, our 32 teams were randomly assigned to Group A, B, C or D, and would compete under a traditional ruleset to determine which teams entered the Weekly Series!

As expected in a global event, Rank Decision was fierce. Teams aim to end in the Top 16, but the higher in ranking-the better your chances are getting into the Weekly Series to start earning cash. The difference between #18 and #20, is a team waiting 2 whole matches to get their turn to cash in on PGI.S!

PGI.S Rank Decision Results


PUBG teams from Asia regions dominated early Rank Decision-with a few moments for other regions to shine. Soniqs is proving themselves worthy of playing the global circuit. By the end of Rank Decision, fan favorites and former PCS Champions like Multi Circle Gaming, DivisionX Gaming, FaZe Clan, and Triumphant Song failed to secure Top 16!

Teams currently placed #17 - 31 will wait desperately on the sidelines for their chance to grab a WWCD and advance to the Weekly Final.For those who don't make it to the Weekly Final, a Bottom 16 Rank Decision will be hosted to decide their placements for the upcoming Weekly Series!

Next up-The PGI.S Weekly Series!

Weekly Series - Weekly Survival Cash Breakdown


Weekly Series - Weekly Final Cash Breakdown


Check out the PGI.S Tournament Format and Rules Video Breakdown

Where to Watch PGI.S?

Join the Live Broadcast in English on the PUBG Esports YouTube and Twitch channels featuring a line-up of great casters!

You can also join a region of your choice with Regional Broadcast Links.


Pick'Em Challenge

The in-game PGI.S Pick'Em Challenge tab is Ready for your Votes!

Participate in varying Weekly Challenges, Redeem Weekly Voting Coupons, and keep your eyes peeled on the in-game Esports tab!

Weekly Pick'Em Challenge ends every Saturday at 7PM KST-don't miss out on your hard-earned rewards. You can also win Voting Coupons by watching the live broadcast!

ingame free coupon_revised (1).png

Pick'Em Challenge Weekly Events Include:

  • Event 1: Weekly Final TOP 4
  • Event 2: Weekly Kill Point MVP (Week 1,3,5) & Weekly Chicken Winners (Week 2,4,6)
  • Event 3: Survival Tournament

Pick'Em Challenge Schedule

PGIS_Schedule_v4 (1) (1).png

Twitch Code Drops-PUBG Esports Points (EP) and Voting Coupons

Voting Coupon and EP Code Drops are Back!

While watching the Twitch broadcast, limited-redemption Voting Coupons will appear during Weekly Survival matches and limited-redemption EP codes appear during Weekly Finals!


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