PGI.S Weekly Survival: Week 1 Recap - Champions Begin To Emerge

February 12, 2021

PGI.S Weekly Series is in full swing featuring 32 PUBG Esports teams from 8 global regions.In PGI.S, “survival” is the  core of competition! Teams must outlast each other in 16 Weekly Survival matches - each WWCD sends that team immediately to the Weekly Final.

In Weekly Final, teams compete for ca$h - the most coveted item in PGI.S! The team with the most cash at the end is deemed Champion.

Join us 2/13 and 2/14 at 7PM KST for our first round of Weekly Finals matches.The  Bottom16 matches   will also be broadcasted at 1PM KST!

Weekly Survival Recap

In 16 matches, teams snaked and aggressed themselves as close as possible to the WWCD to ensure a Weekly Final win!As a team progressed to the Weekly Final, the next seeded team from  Rank Decision  would take its place.

Teams who score a WWCD earlier, cashed in on a bigger piece of the $3.5M prize pool!

Day 1

NA's Soniqs came out swinging in Match 1 to secure the most cash of Week 1's Weekly Survival matches!The final four teams in Match 1 - Gen.G, Team Liquid, TSM, and Soniqs - held a strong fight, but ultimately Soniqs wiped Gen.G and TSM fell to third-party plays.In the end, Soniqs' Shrimzy took down Team Liquid's Clib-trading off for Team Liquid's jeemzz downing Soniqs' hwinn and TGLTN.  Shrimy takes down jeemzz in a 1v1 for a $10k celebration!

Match 1: Soniqs (NA) - $10,000
Match 2: Infantry (CN) - $6,000
Match 3: Natus Vincere (EU) - $5,000
Match 4: Shoot To Kill (NA) - $4,000
Match 5: Team Liquid (EU) - $3,000


Day 2

After Day 1, North American and European teams mostly secured the Weekly Finals - proving their ready to compete in typically Asian-team led PUBG global events.Some PUBG Esports teams consistently placed within the Top 5 of the match-but not close enough to take the WWCD.A few dinner winners recently circulated into the Weekly Survival too.

One team that stands out was the Match 11 winner-Chinese team Four Angry Men!After consistent hot drops on Digital Athletics and fierce early-game battles, Four Angry Men was able to graduate to Weekly Finals despite their aggression.  A lesson for the other teams?  Day 2 was full of insane plays, teams third-partying, and playing at 100% for the WWCD.

In PGI.S Weekly Survival - to live is to outlast!

Match 6: K7 Esports (TPE) - $2,000
Match 7: Virtus.Pro (EU) - $1,000
Match 8: Furia (LATAM) - $1,000
Match 9: Triumphant Song Gaming (CN)
Match 10: TSM (EU)
Match 11: Four Angry Men (CN)


Day 3

The day's matches started in intensity as teams grasped desperately for WWCD.On Match 13, Gen.G held strong squad positioning against weakened Attack All Around, Element.36, and Daytrade Gaming.In the next match, Attack All Around resurfaced in the match's final four ultimately winning a 1v1 against ENCE.  The second Korean team, Afreeca Freecs was the only full squad ending Match 15, securing the WWCD!  In a dramatic finish, Korean teams showed their face on the Weekly Finals leaderboard and FaZe Clan - a proven European team-snagged last place in the Weekly Final!

Match 12: Oath (NA)
Match 13: Gen.G (KR)
Match 14: Attack All Around (SEA)
Match 15: Afreeca Freecs (KR)
Match 16: FaZe Clan (EU)


Pick'Em Challenge into Weekly Final

The Pick'Em Challenge lets you support your favorite teams directly!Each week you can participate in Weekly Pick'em Challenge events and redeem Voting Coupons to wear bold PGI.S gear in your next lobby.

Weekly Pick'Em Challenges close on Saturday at 7PM KST-when the Weekly Final kicks off!Make sure to stay tuned to PGI.S Recaps and social media for the latest information effecting your Pick'Em Challenge votes! In Week 1, DWG KIA secured the MOST votes, but weren't able to advance to Weekly Final :( .. Soniqs became an easy favorite after their early Weekly Survival win-scoring the most votes among the Weekly Final teams.


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