PGI.S Weekly Final: Week 1 Recap & PEPS - Afreeca Freecs Run Off with the Cash!

February 16, 2021

Over the course of 10 matches in PGI.S Week 1 Weekly Final, we saw 16 PUBG Esports team survivalists from Weekly Survival drop into Erangel and Miramar for the first taste of major cash awards!The Bottom16 teams (#17-32) after Weekly Survival also played 8 matches to seed for their queue placements in upcoming Weekly Survival.

How did your team perform last week?There's still plenty of PGI.S contesting to unroll! Let's take a look at the Week 1 Weekly Final, PEPS Standouts, and the Bottom16 standings heading into Week 2 of PGI.S.

Join us for Week 2 Weekly Survival! Day 1 is on 2/16 at 7PM KST/2AM PST/11AM CET

Here's the PGI.S-Week 2 Broadcasting Schedule!

PGIS_Weekly-Series-week2 (1).png

Weekly Final Recap Day 1

In a barrage of Mollies and Beryl rounds, 16 surviving PUBG Esports teams from Weekly Survival dove head first into Weekly Final. Their goal: net placement and kill points to stack cash.

FaZe Clan carried the momentum from their previous WWCD into the Weekly Final, making a big splash as Match 1 winners. B efore you knew it, Korea's Afreeca Freecs were shutting down the competition after Match 2 and 3, back-to-back chicken dinners. The Pick'Em Challenge top-dogs were falling to the back of the pack as Afreeca Freecs cemented themselves with leading points.

European teams TSM and Team Liquid grabbed Match 4 and 5, respectively, resujlting in a day of WWCDs from 2 of our 8 regions in PGI.S! Consistent placements and kill points from teams like Gen.G (34 kill points on Day 1) and infantry (30 kill points on Day 1) was a heavy reminder that in Weekly Final, kill points AND placement points go the distance.

  • Match 1: FaZe Clan (EU)
  • Match 2: Afreeca Freecs (KR)
  • Match 3: Afreeca Freecs (KR)
  • Match 4: TSM (EU)
  • Match 5: Team Liquid (EU)

At the end of Weekly Final Day 1, these were your standings heading into Day 2 of PGI.S' first Weekly Series:


Weekly Final Recap-Day 2

Only a 10-point difference could be seen between teams positioned #3-12 on Weekly Final Day 2.With another 5 rounds ahead, the Week 1 Weekly Final winning title could be claimed by anyone .. except maybe Pick'Em Challenge favorite, Soniqs in position #15.Teams went full redemption mode on Day 2 as new winners emerged. in Match 6, Soniqs in Match 7, Four Angry Men on Match 8, Infantry with their first win in Match 9 and finally-a Shoot To Kill win for Match 10!

Shoot To Kill held a Top 4 position in 3 out of 5 matches on Day 2, rallying 52 points on the day.Infantry's strong kill-point fest on Day 1 matched with a strong placement presence throughout the Weekly Final held their place in the standings.

If you didn't catch the INSANE 'nade by Four Angry Men that even shocked their own team,make sure to relive the moment on our Twitter.

  • Match 6: (EU)
  • Match 7: Soniqs (NA)
  • Match 8: Four Angry Men (NA)
  • Match 9: infantry (CN)
  • Match 10: Shoot To Kill (NA)

In the end, Afreeca Freecs held onto the first place spot-ending the day with 82 points and $47,045-combining $25,000 cash secured in PGI.S and $22,045 crowd funded in the Pick'Em Challenge! There's up to $3.5M total Weekly Series cash up for grabs!


PEPS Players Leading the Top 3 Prize Ranking

The PUBG Esports Player Stats (PEPS) highlights pro player gameplay styles and patterns, giving us a small inside look at the success driving teams to the top.

It's a Player Stats and Type Analysis that answers“How well a player performs”under a variety of circumstances: Battle, Strategy, Experience (Circle Graph) and Playstyle (Bar Graph).

PEPS player data is unique in every competition, comparing players against each other in their game lobby.Where a player scores “100” on the bar graph, means they're the player who out-ranked everyone else in the lobby.

PEPS Explained: Battle, Strategy and Experience (Circle Graph)

Battle: All about dishing out damage, downing opponents, following through with the kill, win/loss rate factors, and PUBG mechanics:

FinishingMeasures how adept a player is at downing enemies and securing kills
FirepowerHow deadly is a player in terms of dishing out the most damage dealt in specific time period.
Combat-abilityUses variable like damage, kills, and knocks to give a more traditional “deadly” rating.

Strategy: Focuses on survival aspects like time alive, healing and reviving teammates, and circle placement

SurvivalDerived from multiple stats related to a player's time survived, health recovered in matches.
TacticsBased on a player's ability to play around circles and use the map to their advantage.
TeamplayVariables based on supporting and reviving teammates.

PEPS Explained: Player Play-Style (Bar Graph)

Landing PositionHow close/far does the player land in proximity to the center of the map and circles
Drop TimingWhen the player drops out of the plane in relation to their teammates
Team DensityA player's proximity to their team while in strategic movement
Looting VariationDoes a player favor grabbing combat items or utility items?
Combat DistanceHow often the player gets kills close up versus far away
WarlikeA player's relative passiveness or aggressiveness in entire match
PBMWhether a point comparison of a player's performance on Erangel/Miramar
Point DistributionHow many points a player earned through kills versus placement

Now that we've done our PEPS homework, let's take a peek at team players behind PGI.S Week 1's Top 3 Prize Ranking finalists!

Afreeca Freecs' Hansia-Survival is Key!

In PGI.S Weekly Final, placement AND kill points result in a higher rank.Although Hansia's firepower sits at 62-the ability to outlast and stay around as long as possible for placement points supported Afreeca Freecs impressive Week 1 showing.Hansia looted for utility almost 99% of the time-those smokes and mollies go a long way, and Hansia mostly took late-drops, close to the team throughout the Weekly Final.

One thing to note: Hansia's almost 50/50 split in playing aggressive vs defensive, even performance on Erangel vs Miramar, and securing kill vs placement points!


Shoot to Kills' aLOW-Teamwork makes the dream work!

Shoot to Kill continues to “wow” and “impress” the PUBG Esports scene.Team members aLOW, PurdyKurty, luke12, and Uncivil all ranked in Top 20 overall for Week 1 Weekly Final at position #4, #13, #14, and #18, respectively.

Effective at close and long range combat, aLOW acts quick on a team revive, carries massive damage output, and usually ends up victorious in a 1v1!


Infantry's Boliang-A powerhouse in the arena!

Infantry surfaced to the Top 3 with only one WWCD in Week 1 of Weekly Final, but their kill points on Day 1 and consistent placement throughout the 10 matches had them stuck at the top!With a HUGE showing in Combat-ability, Firepower, Finishing, Survival, Tactics, and Teamplay-Boliang proves that he's not the one you want to 1 v 1 in PUBG.

Almost always dropping late and playing the offensive, Boliang is a force to be reckoned with alongside teammates LongSkr, Jiaoyang, and 9-positioned #8, #30, and #31, respectively.


Weekly Final-Bottom16

Although teams who ended Weekly Survival in positions #17-32 weren't able to play chance for ca$h, they still had a lot to fight for ahead of PGI.S Week 2 Weekly Survival!Based on placement in 8-Bottom16 matches, teams can position themselves to have more chances to secure the WWCD in the next week's matches!

For PCS Championship team Multi Circle Gaming, performing well in Bottom16 means they won't sit out another week.Instead, Turkey's Digital Athletics waits in #32nd place-the position of shame until next week!

At the end of Bottom16 matches during Week 1 Weekly Final, DetonatioN Gaming, ENCE, and Pick'Em Challenge top-dog DWG KIA will be the first 3 teams to enter the survival ring!


Pick'Em Challenge-Week 2 is LIVE!

Your favorite teams still need your support! With 5 weeks of PGI.S left, less than 10% of the $3.5M crowd-funded prize pool has yet to be claimed.

The Week 2 Pick'Em Challenge asks you to choose a team that will win a Weekly Finals Chicken Dinner to win 25,000 EP! Make sure to redeem that weekly Voting Coupon and catch the live broadcast for more chances to secure EP and Voting Coupons!


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