PGI.S Weekly Series: Halfway Point Recap, Teams to Watch, and Weekly Final #3 PEPS

March 4, 2021

The first global PUBG Esports event in over a year will look to crown ONE Championship team on March 28th.With a wrap on PGI.S Weekly Series Week 3, it's a bittersweet feeling as we're about half-way through PGI.S!

Let's take a look at how teams and players performed in PGI.S to inform our expectations of what's to come in the final weeks of the PGI.S Weekly Series. PGI.S cash prize during Weekly Finals increases every week and begs the question...Which team can rise through the ranks to outlast for the cash and PGI.S Championship title?

PGI.S Weekly Series Recap: Week 1-3

If you didn't catch the hype online, the European fan-favorite FaZe Clan rose from the ashes to claim the Prize Ranking top spot in Week 3!Even though FaZe Clan miraculously advanced to Weekly Final on Week 1, it took them until Week 3 to show their strength. For many fans, it was a sigh of relief. After Day 1 Match 1 on Weekly Final Week 3, FaZe Clan was at the top of the leaderboards after taking second place to Oath and 9 kills. Their determination continued through the weekend, leaving for a back-to-back WWCD on Match 9 and 10 of the Weekly Final! When all was said and done, FaZe Clan held the leaderboard and cashed in on a $100k prize pool plus Pick'Em Challenge crowdfunding!


In Weekly Series Week 1 and 2, FaZe Clan wasn't listed on the Prize Ranking Top 10!

With enough fight from a team, they can shock us and climb the leaderboards. PGI.S is a game of endurance where 32 teams outlast over 6 intense PGI.S Weekly Series.

How did teams end up here in Week 3?Let's take a look at the first half of PGI.S! 

PGI.S Weekly Series: Week 1

Our first Weekly Survival matches introduced a new way to play to 32 PUBG Esports teams used to the SUPER ruleset. It was clear that the way to score in PGI.S was to play on your A-game throughout each week capitalizing on every opportunity and lucky moment to reach the end-game.

Teams to make it to the first Weekly Final included FaZe Clan on Match 16, Gen.G, Afreeca Freecs, Oath,, Furia, TSM, Four Angry Men, infantry, Soniqs, NAVI, Team Liquid-oh my, too many great teams to note! It was a STACKED Weekly Final #1.


At the end of Weekly Final Week 1, Gen.G, FaZe Clan, and a few others walked away with $0 prize cash! Rivalries between teams STK and FaZe Clan, Four Angry Men and Afreeca Freecs, and inner-regional started to emerge!

PGI.S Weekly Series: Week 2

Shoot to Kill showed up in Weekly Survival #2, claiming the first WWCD for Weekly Final! Six new teams entered the Weekly Final during Week 2, leaving some of the teams who showed up for Week 1 in the dust. ENCE's first appearance in the Weekly Final Week 2 resulted in a 4th place placement with Weekly Final newcomers Daytrade Gaming and Buriram United Esports in 5th and 6th, respectively.

At 82 points on the Weekly Final leaderboard, Four Angry Men were 10 points ahead of #2 team infantry and 18 points ahead of #3 team Shoot To Kill. Still, infantry and Shoot To Kill showed their consistency while Afreeca Freecs was left in place #11.

Oh-where were Soniqs, NAVI, K7 Esports, Furia, and FaZe Clan?They didn't catch an invite to the Weekly Final Week 2 party.


Four Angry Men put their money where their mouth is moving from #5 placement in Week 1 to top of the Prize Ranking in Weekly Final Week 2! Still, Pick'Em Challenge support and Weekly Series cash brought Afreeca Freecs to Prize Rank Top 10. They're not out yet!

PGI.S Weekly Series: Week 3

Week 3 Weekly Survival echoed in favor of a few teams shining in Week 1 and Week 2-Afreeca Freecs, Team Liquid,, Shoot to Kill, and Triumphant Song Gaming to name a few. Playstyle consistency and determination are starting to show as repeat teams score the Weekly Final positions.

Hot drops between Four Angry Men and Digital Athletics arguably kept both away from the Weekly Final this time around. Possibly a turning point for Four Angry Men? PCS ASIA fans got a taste of Gen.G vs Tianba Esports rivalry during Weekly Survival, but this time it seems Gen.G came out on top!

In both Top 5 Kill and Damage Leads from Weekly Final #3, Gen.G's Pio placed at the top of the list-shutting down any use in rivalries with Gen.G.


ENCE's D1GG3R1 and Multi Circle Gaming's 995iTank and LingDuuuuuu also showed a spot on the leaderboards. We've yet to see these teams dominate-could they help their teams be next to shine?


The PGI.S Weekly Final #3 showed us the potential of team we know is capable of shaking up the leaderboards. What surprised us in Week 3 was the sheer power behind Lu and spyrro's cooperation. Lu claimed 28 kills while spyrro had consistent team sprays!

PGI.S Weekly Final Week 3 PEPS

The PEPS Top 3 Overall players in PGI.S Weekly Final #3 should come as no surprise after their performance this past weekend. With these powerhouses in the lobby, can they help lift their team to the top of the Prize Ranking leaderboard?

Gen.G Pio

Week 3's Top Overall player Pio dropped a total of 4,913 damage during Weekly Finals #3.That's about 60% more than 2nd place damage leader-ENCE's D1GG3R1.

Pio has been a standout player over the years-wowing the crowd against FaZe Clan in PGC 2019 and making a comeback since 2020's PCS ASIA. His playstyle in Week 3 was flanking wide from teammates, heavy offensive throwable outputs, and insane firepower-topping the charts in finishing, firepower, combat-ability, and potential.



We've yet to see ENCE top the Prize Rank but that doesn't mean they're not destined to take it to the top, especially with D1GG3R1 on their side.

Seen on both Top 5 Damage and Kills from Week 3, D1GG3R1 sure seems out for vengeance, taking his team with him! Always playing close to the group with a utility on standby, if you come to a 1v1 against D1GG3R1 there's a big chance that you won't see another day. Is ENCE a team to watch in the upcoming PGI.S Weekly Series?


FaZe Clan Gustav

We know that ubah is a PUBG Esports legend at this point but coupled with FuzzFace, Aitzy, and PEPS Overall 3rd player Gustav, FaZe Clan might take this one all the way home!

Gustav threw down 3,460 damage in Weekly Final #3, almost always up close and personal and taking the Blue Zone edge. Tactics at a strong 100 mean this strategist in the lobby is here to take no prisoners!


Teams to Watch in PGI.S End Game

ENCE is slowly creeping up the leaderboards week over week, FaZe Clan came back with a strong Week 3 showing, and Multi Circle Gaming is fighting for their spotlight moment!

If Four Angry Men secures another Weekly Final, we can expect their Pick'Em Challenge votes to skyrocket! Let's say shows up with the same energy as the last weekend-they can make a showing coupled with their recent consistency. Other consistent teams include infantry, Gen.G, Afreeca Freecs, Shoot to Kill, and Daytrade Gaming.

Survival Tournament and Pick'Em Challenge

This weekend's upcoming event match  Survival Tournament will feature all 32 teams before we get into PGI.S Weekly Series Week 4!


The event will be hosted on March 5th-7th and could be key to unlocking the raw potential for some teams as they're thrown into a fast-paced weekend Survival Tournament. This free-for-all will test combat-ability and allow teams to play to their strengths for cold hard cash! The Survival Tournament will highlight a modified blue zone and encourage teams to think fast and ADS quick.

For the Survival Tournament, you can win up to 50,000 EP in the Pick'Em Challenge by choosing ONE team to win it all!

If an underdog team puts on a strong showing, it could sway the Pick'Em Challenge vote-hyping that team further in PGI.S!

Get warmed up PUBG Esports fans-these final weeks are sure to deliver greatness.


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