PGI.S Survival Tournament Recap

March 9, 2021

The PGI.S Survival Tournament offered a unique midpoint to PGI.S by presenting a completely new viewing experience and casual $60,000 prize pool for all 32 PUBG Esports teams to claim. With modified Blue Zone and rapid shift circles, the Survival Tournament kept teams rotating through approximately 13 minute matches.

All teams were separated into 8 groups before Survival Tournament weekend and would compete in a series of 3 matches. The winners of each group would progress to the quarter-finals. Thereafter, 4 teams would run the gambit again to find their seat in the Top 4 for the Survival Tournament final on Day 3.


How did your favorite team fare in the challenging Survival Tournament? Were you able to score 50,000 EP in the Pick'Em Challenge! Let's see that cool gear.

PGI.S Survival Tournament Day 1

From a third-person perspective, viewers were quickly reminded about the pros and cons of a different camera angle focused behind players. Teams were able to adapt to new viewpoints, angle advantages, and strategies to best position themselves in the Survival Tournament! At the end of Day 1, Groups AD were finalized:

  • Group A: Meta Gaming
  • Group B:
  • Group C: Triumphant Song Gaming
  • Group D: Soniqs

Meta Gaming and PGI.S Week 3 Prize Rank leader, FaZe Clan, were fighting side-by-side in Group A matches. Meta Gaming finished their rounds with 15 kills, doubling second place with sparkingg securing 7 of those kills!
In Group C, Triumphant Song Gaming scored 2 of 3 WWCDs on Day 1-grouped against DWG KIA, Enter Force.36, and Gen.G!

On the next series, Group D offered NA fans a great competition as Soniqs, Zenith Esports, and Shoot to Kill duked it out alongside Global Esports Xsset.


PGI.S Survival Tournament Day 2

Day 1 offered plenty of laughs and heated Blue Zone moments as players and fan adjusted to the one-off tournament weekend. Teams on Day 2 arguably had an advantage after viewing team strategies on Day 1.

On Day 2, teams danced and pushed as soon as weakness presented itself in the former of a player down. Multiple fistfights and a brawler showdown later, the winners of groups participating in Day 2 emerged:

  • Group E: Multi Circle Gaming
  • Group F: Oath
  • Group G: Daytrade Gaming
  • Group H: Team Liquid

Multi Circle Gaming snagged the last chicken dinner in Group E, coupled with a lineup of kills.
Oath led Group F by the end, maybe due to the madness between other teams in the group. Seriously, did you catch this legendary brawl between infantry and Tianba Esports in the final match of the group?

In Group G, Daytrade Gaming secured the first two chicken dinners in their group-while Four Angry Men and Digital Athletics continued to serve up their beef!

At a tense end of Day 2, Team Liquid rose to the challenge securing 2 chicken dinners and the most kills of the group!


PGI.S Survival Tournament Day 3

On the last day of the Survival Tournament, 8 teams in the quarter-finalists put everything on the line for the Day 3 Final!

Triumphant Song Gaming,, Daytrade Gaming, and Multi Circle Gaming dropped into the ring but fell to the knees of Triumphant Song Gaming with a back-to-back WWCD. Their placement points ended up securing ahead of's Lu and spyrro combo. Triumphant Song Gaming ended the tournament with 15 kills while in 2nd place had 12.

In Survival Tournament, the Top 4 teams enjoyed a cash bonus. In the end, they all won a little bonus to take home from PGI.S! Since this is an event match, the prize winnings won't be included in the team's total prize rank.

  • 1st Place Winner and $30,000: Triumphant Song Gaming
  • 2nd Place and $15,000:
  • 3rd Place and $10,000: Multi Circle Gaming
  • 4th Place and $5,000: Daytrade Gaming

The PGI.S Weekly Series is Back! Here comes Week 4:

No more fun and games, PGI.S Weekly Series is about to have some BIG payouts. Don't miss the broadcast including special guests on Day 1 of the PGI.S Weekly Final!


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