PGI.S Weekly Final Recap - Week 4: Taking names and stacking cash!

March 16, 2021

PGI.S Weekly Final Week 4 consisted of 10 matches and a chance for new faces to stake their claim in the PGI.S Championship!16 survivalist teams from the previous Weekly Survival matches have dropped into the blue zone to prove their worst and test their limits! The Bottom16 teams (#17-32) after Weekly Survival, featuring high-ranking teams FaZe Clan, Shoot to Kill, Four Angry Men,, and more, also played 8 matches to seed for their placements in the upcoming Weekly Series.

Let's take a look at the overview of Week 4 PGI.S Weekly Final, overall leading PEPS players, Top 5 Kill and Damage Leaders, and the Bottom16 standings heading into Week 5 of PGI.S.

Join us for PGI.S Weekly Survival Week 5, starting March 16th at 7PM KST / 3AM PDT / 11AM CET!

PGI.S-Week 5 Broadcasting Schedule


Pick'Em Challenge Week 5 is live and you can win some serious EP! Check out the Weekly Survival matches and make sure to cast your vote for Weekly Final Top 4 and Weekly Kill Point MVP!

Weekly Final Recap-Day 1

In Week 4, a handful of previous Weekly Series winning teams were nowhere to be found in the Top 16. Digital Athletics, META GAMING, and Petrichor Road entered the Weekly Final for the first time. This week's 1st place cash prize was a whopping $150,000 between the Top 4 teams. The stakes are increasing in the race for PGI.S Champion!


Multi Circle Gaming entered the fray strong in Match 1 after holding a unique vantage position in the final phase against NAVI and Gen.G. Scoring 9 kills in the second match of the day, Digital Athletics took the win in a heated exchange with Daytrade Gaming! Regions heated up as Zenith and Oath challenged each other in Match 3, ultimately Zenith would lose that match.

At the end of Day 1, Daytrade Gaming placed for first, but within a 20 point difference, you'd find 6 other teams!

  • Match 1: Multi Circle Gaming (CN)
  • Match 2: Digital Athletics (EU)
  • Match 3: Oath (NA)
  • Match 4: Daytrade Gaming (SEA)
  • Match 5: Tianba Esports (CN)

Weekly Final Recap-Day 2

At the start of the week's Weekly Final Day 2, North American teams were claiming chicken dinners. Soniqs in Match 6, against a 12-kill spree META GAMING, and followed by Zenith in Match 7.In Zenith's second chicken dinner of the weekend, they went toe-to-toe with Digital Athletics. The day's rivalry was heating up before our very eyes! Petrichor Road took the next win against a relatively quiet Team Liquid. Even with an 11-kill win in Match 9, Afreeca Freecs could barely crawl out of the bottom half. In the final match, Digital Athletics and Zenith face off in a masterful standoff in PUBG Esports. At the end of the match, Zenith moved from 2nd to 1st while Digital Athletics jumps from 4th to 2nd to claim the 2nd place prize of $75,000!Zenith's Weekly Final win cements them as the first North American region team to hold the honor!

  • Match 6: Soniqs (NA)
  • Match 7: Zenith (NA)
  • Match 8: Petrichor Road (CN)
  • Match 9: Afreeca Freecs (NA)
  • Match 10: Zenith (EU)

At the end of the day, PGI.S is all about the cash. In a combination of placement and kill points, your Top 4-weekend cash holders teams: Zenith ($150,000), Digital Athletics ($75,000), Multi Circle Gaming (37,500), and Daytrade Gaming (37,500)!


Weekly Final-Bottom16

Teams in the Bottom16 don't fight for cash so much as they fight for opportunity and pride! This Bottom16 weekend felt different than the rest. Teams participating in the 8 matches included previous Weekly Finals winners and some of the highest prize ranked teams: FaZe Clan, Four Angry Men,, Triumphant Song Gaming, and Shoot to Kill.

At the end of Bottom 16 Week 4, Shoot To Kill dominated with a 36 point lead over DWG KIA, 103-67.FaZe Clan and Buriram United Esports rounded out the Top 4 for the weekend!


Weekly Final Week 4-Top 5 Kill and Damage Leaders

Zenith's team efforts to win the Weekly Final win were obviously apparent, but Kickstart clearly showed up to play by leading the Top 5 Kill Leaders list. Boasting a 25-kill weekend and 3.1 K/D, Kickstart wowed the crowd.

Do these players leading the Top Kill and Damage during the Weekly Final surprise you?


In the Top Damage Leaders, Hikari and D1gg3r1 led the pack-putting in the work for their team, but not reaping the rewards.Digital Athletics' Smash, a clear powerhouse in the zone, made the list alongside 5th place Sparkingg from META GAMING and 3rd place EvilLLee on Multi Circle Gaming.

Top Overall PEPS Players

PEPS measures a player's battle, strategy, and experience during the Weekly Final-comparing skills and playstyles to others in the lobby.

Although match outcome varies week over week, PEPS helps inform the successes behind a team's path to victory!

After the 25-kill weekend, it's no surprise to see Zenith Kickstart in the Top 3 from Weekly Final. Playstyle is balanced on short and long-distance, defensive and offensive, Erangel and Miramar. Noticeably, moving outward in and dropping late was the strategy for the weekend. Kickstart led the lobby in combat-ability, or “deadly” rating, and teamplay-stat based on supporting and reviving teammates.


Time and time again, Smash from Digital Athletics puts his aim where his crosshair is by mowing down teams in clutch situations. Smash deals damage well, but relies on the team to stay alive by playing a tight, balanced playstyle. Firepower, survival, tactics, and teamplay are at lobby-highs showing that Smash deals when it's due.


Multi Circle Gaming is a force in the blue zone, and in this Weekly Final, EvilLLee led their charge! EviLLee is the only player to position on Top 5 Kill and Damage leaders in 3rd place on both. Commanding the drop early and tight-knit, Multi Circle Gaming's survivability was at an all-time high.


There are two weeks left in PGI.S and each week proves to be unpredictable, favoring both reserved and aggressive playstyles. It's a true test to determine a team's strengths and weaknesses. We're sure to see dynamic turnovers in the coming weeks; you're not going to want to miss this! Stay tuned for Day 1 of PGI.S Weekly Series Week 5 on March 16 at 7PM KST / 11AM CET / 3AM PDT.

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