Everything You Need to Know About PCS4 - Teams, Tournament Rules, Rewards & More!

June 10, 2021

The PUBG Continental Series is BACK! The 4th leg of PCS pits the best teams of each region amongst themselves in an exciting 36-match per region tournament. Across ASIA, Europe, APAC, and the Americas, PUBG Esports favorites and new faces are dropping into the Battlegrounds! Everyone has one thing on their mind, the almighty chicken dinner!

A few major changes are introduced in the PUBG Continental Series 4 including LATAM joining North America to become the Americas region, PCS being held over 3 weeks, and an increase in prize pool earnings!

Along with cold hard cash, teams will be participating for their hold on coveted PGC Points that pave the way for entry into the PUBG Global Championship at the end of 2021. PCS4 is one major opportunity, ahead of future tournaments, for teams to score major PGC Points (and cash)! 


ASIA competes June 12 - June 27, Saturday and Sunday at 19:00 KST!


Four Angry Men, 17Gaming, Multi Circle Gaming, Games Forever Young, KAIXIN E-Sports, Petrichor Road

Chinese Taipei

Global Esports Xsset




Afreeca Freecs, Gen.G, GPS GHIBLI, DWG KIA, MaD Clan, emTek StormX, Danawa e-sports, T1


Americas compete June 10 - June 25, Thursday and Friday at 4pm PT

North America

TSM, Dignitas, Oath, Soniqs, Spacestation Gaming, Wildcard Gaming, Dodge, eUnited, Guadalajara Gascans, Team Veritas

Latin America

Latin Dominus, Troglogitas, Enrage Esports, 22 Esports, A CRECHE, 303 Esports

Asia Pacific (APAC)

APAC competes June 10 - June 25, Thursday and Friday at 18:00 ICT


Victim Rise, Eagle365 Esports


Fury, Team Bliss


ArkAngel Predator, The Colony PH


Buriram United Esports, Daytrade Gaming, Magic Esports, Sharper Esports, Attack All Around


The Expendables, X-Stadium Thu Duc, BN United, GameHome Ha Dong, Team No1


Europe competes June 12 - June 27, Saturday and Sunday at 16:00 CEST

BigBossLayf, SuperMassive Blaze, ROAD TO GLORY, EXhalatioN, Mutiny, AfterAlt, FIVE, SKADE, Redline, Digital Athletics, ENCE, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, Virtus.pro, HEROIC

PCS4 Tournament Rules and Structure

In PCS4, teams will have 36 matches to WIN Chicken Dinners and stack cash. The name of the game: Earn to Win!

PCS4 has a $1M USD prize pool split amongst four participating regions PLUS 30% of crowd-funding from the PCS4 Pick’Em Challenge! The $250,000 per region prize pool will be split into the following:

Prize Pool

Weekly Prize Pool Leader: $70,000
Series Winner: $20,000

Special Prizes

Kill Leader: $5,000
Insane Squad: $5,000
All-PCS Team: $10,000

Viewer Rewards

The Pick’Em Challenge is BACK and you can start supporting your favorite teams right now while scoring sick in-game items in the process. Participate in events on the in-game Esports Shop to bring home a little victory for yourself!

Did you have a chance to check out the latest Pick’Em Challenge skins?! Look no further.

But WAIT - there’s more! Check out the PCS4 broadcast for more opportunities to vote for your favorite team and win Esports Points! The Chicken Challenge allows you to vote for one team per match, every day of PCS4. Pick the right team to win a match and you can score big!

Make sure to connect your PUBG account and Twitch account before PCS4 kick-off on June 10th!

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