by Ty Brody • June 23, 2021

We’re just one day away from the start of Week Three in the PCS4 Americas Grand Final. The twelve-match series across Thursday and Friday will determine our PCS4 Champion and those claiming the majority share of the PGC Qualification Points. As the series comes to an end, there are still numerous teams in a position to improve their final standing before the final match is played on Friday night.

On top, the Soniqs and Oath Gaming will have one final showdown for the first-place position. Behind those two are a group of teams closely separated and trying to get the most out of their Week Three outing. Then, you have a small collection of five teams who want to find their first top-eight placement of the series - being sure they won’t leave empty-handed. 


Entering the final week in first, the Soniqs has three separate tasks on their to-do list. Maintain their position, secure the prize money plus 400 PGC Points, and claim their fourth consecutive major tournament with this starting lineup. Their play over the two weeks prior has settled the Soniqs into an excellent position to finish out PCS4 on top. That said, there is one doomsday scenario that could snakebite the region’s strongest team during Week Three.

A strong performance from Oath Gaming in the later rounds last Friday made them the only squad capable of dethroning the Soniqs. Trailing by $18,000 USD in the overall PCS4 Americas leaderboard, Oath needs a Week Three victory and the Soniqs to place outside of the top-eight to steal the PCS4 title. Soniqs placing outside of the top-eight is much more unlikely than Oath Gaming winning Week Three. Each team has played well and obtained their fair share of Chicken Dinners, so the spotlight will remain on these two as we determine the champion.


We’ve already witnessed excellent play from the teams who currently round out our top-five - namely Dignitas, Dodge, and TSM. These three may no longer be within range of the first-place position, but there’s still prize money and PGC Points to be earned.

I’m expecting TSM to have their best performance of the Grand Final this week. They picked up their first Chicken Dinner of the series a week ago - securing a top-three placement and $10,000 USD. Well aware of their position on the overall leaderboard, TSM is hoping to add to their 200 PGC Points from winning the ESL PUBG Masters.

If not for the prize pool scoring format of this series, Dignitas could have been a contender as games unfolded this week. It wouldn’t have been an easy task, but their performance from start to finish has been impressive for the fairly new four-man roster. This week, the team is aiming to close out the series in second and increase their total prize pool earnings by another $14,000 USD.


There are five teams hoping to claim their first top-eight placement of the series this week. Each has had their moments over the past twenty-four matches but would love to finish with their best performance yet. Last week, both eUnited and 303 Esports claimed their first Chicken Dinner of the series yet still finished just outside of the top-eight. It was a tough break for two teams who struggled early on and had finally found themselves ahead in the WWCD format.

Week Two did show improvements for Team Veritas, but they enter the final twelve matches without their first win of the event. Despite some hurdles for the squad last week they’re still finding themselves in the late game with an opportunity to win the match. As they enter Week Three, keep an eye on them and others who have yet to claim a Chicken Dinner as the pressure continues to increase.