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With the PCS6: Americas Grand Final coming to an end last week we now look to future tournaments coming up this year. The Europe and Asia PCS6 Grand Finals are already underway, but this week we’re focusing on the upcoming PUBG Nations Cup (PNC) tournament in June. The MVPs of the PCS6 Americas Grand Finals will be joining their respective nations’ PNC teams with the rest of the roster announcements soon to come. But who are these MVPs? What makes them tick? What is their PUBG weapon of choice? Do they think there are more doors or wheels in the world? We’re going to be disseminating all the important information about our MVPs this week, starting with the American MVP: Sharpshot4K.

An early favorite who didn’t disappoint.

Representing his country’s team at the upcoming PNC tournament in June will be Daniel Hernandez, or as he’s better known, Sharpshot4K. Putting up one of the best performances of the PCS6, Sharpshot4K was an early favorite to be America’s MVP. Playing with his team Bing Bang Boom, who came in 6th at PCS6, Sharpshot4K scored 53 of his team’s 144 kills throughout the tournament. He scored half of all the grenade kills for his team, over half the headshots, and regularly survived the longest of his teammates. This is in no way overlooking the rest of Bing Bang Boom as they had an overall strong showing at PCS6, and you could tell through watching their play (as well as the stats) that a major part of their strategy was to support Sharpshot4K as well as they could. Sharptshot4K had the most heals of any of his teammates and by far the fewest revives, which highlights his aggressive gameplay.  

Although they didn’t place in the top 5 you can’t deny their strategy worked pretty well as Bing Bang Boom was up against some of the best PUBG teams playing right now and still placed well. Plus, PCS6 had more American players than any other country making the competition for MVP the stiffest, and Sharpshot4K still came out on top. A great player only reaches their fullest potential with great teammates.

Stiff competition becomes a powerful roster.

Sharpshot4K might have been one of the primary leaders for the USA’s MVP race, but that certainly didn’t mean his spot was guaranteed. He was neck and neck for most of the tournament with two of eUnited’s players Kickstart and Relo, who placed in 4th with their team at PCS6. Both Sharpshot4K and Kickstart are veterans of America’s PUBG scene, crossing paths numerous times across tournaments and championships over the last few years. Players of this caliber don’t have time for rivalries though, and Sharpshot4K hopes Kickstart will join him on the USA’s team at PNC after the player votes are tabulated. Of course, if he could pick the rest of his Bing Bang Boom teammates to be on his PNC team he would, but PNC rules only allow two players from the same team to join their nation’s roster at PNC. As he said at PCS6, Sharpshot4K’s ideal team would be Roth from Bing Bang Boom, Kickstart, and Shrimzy from Soniqs, the winning team at PCS6 this year. As epic as this roster sounds, it isn’t up to Sharpshot4K. The rest of the USA’s PNC team, as well as every other nation’s, will be chosen by the top players from each respective country. We can only hope the final team will put up a strong showing, and bring home that championship.

Silent but deadly.

A pretty chill and soft-spoken guy, Sharpshot4K will undoubtedly be using his experience to lead his team to victory at PNC. Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you though. He’s as confident and competitive as anyone. He feels he would be ready to face any player 1v1 for a Chicken Dinner, he would name his team the Sharpshooters if he could, and he has no pre-game ritual whatsoever. Sharpshot4K is the archetypal quiet guy in the background you don’t think much of, and then turns out to be the killer all along. What else would you expect from a guy who prefers to play on the desolate wasteland of Miramar and likes spending time running people over on GTA from the comfort of his bedroom? That being said, he does believe there are more wheels than doors in the world so he’s got a good head on his shoulders. Also, despite the M416 and Mk14 being his most used weapons, his favorite item in the game is the MedKit. In fact, he was the only player who picked this item. This obviously speaks to Bing Bang Boom’s overall strategy for keeping Sharpshot4K alive, but maybe it speaks to the kind heart inside that hard shell. Whatever it speaks to, hopefully, it will help him and his team at PNC next month.

Keep up with the MVPs from the US, Brazil, Canada, and Argentina as we get to know each one a bit better this week.   


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