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All the glory and action of the PUBG Global Championship 2022 (PGC) has come to an end. The near month long series showed us some incredible gunfights, tense hot drops, and hectic final circles. 

32 teams competed from Nov. 1 and Nov. 20 in multiple stages of play, including a Group Stage, Bracket Stage, Grand Survival and Grand Final. Sixteen teams, including three of our squads from the Americas, played in the 20 matches that made up the four-day-long Grand Final. An European team, Natus Vincere, took home first place once the final match ended. 

Let’s breakdown where those teams – including eUnited, YAHO, and Wildcard Gaming – did in the biggest PUBG competition in 2022. 

Ending The 2022 Tour At Four

One America’s squad shined brightest while competing under the lights and virtual gunfire in Dubai. That team – the talented and accomplished eUnited – ended their run at the PGC and their 2022 season with a fourth place finish. 

That result came from 84 kills and 56 placements points. This team finished 30% of the tournament’s 20 matches on a pedestal. That’s six top three finishes in a series with the best PUBG teams on the planet. 

Matt “Kickstart” Smith, Lachlan “Fludd” Thompson, Noah “Relo” Jenkins, and Jake “Snakers” Winant only earned one chicken dinner, but were in the mix most of the time when fights broke out in the final few circles. 

20 Matches, Two Chicken Dinners

YAHO finished their run at the PGC with an eighth place finish in Dubai. Two chicken dinners and 57 kills headlined a performance that started slow and picked up steam as the Grand Final went on. 

Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro led the way for YAHO with 19 kills and a 1.5 KD. He and his team – made up of Brent “Poonage” Mullany, Nolan “Shinboi” Burdick, and Brendan “Balefrost” Connors – believe they could have placed better, but are satisfied with the result amidst the stiff competition. 

This team put themselves in a position to win by doing just enough in the Winner’s Bracket to qualify for the Grand Final. That same mojo popped up a few times during the Grand Final, including one 11-kill campaign that led to some chicken parmesan. 

A Long Fight

Of the three Americas teams who found their way to the Grand Final, Wildcard Gaming, fought the longest. While YAHO and eUnited made it through the Winner’s Bracket, Adam Didiano and crew had to fight through Loser’s Bracket 2 as well. 

The 57 kills and 31 placement points earned in the Grand Final would be good enough for 14th place, far from where this squad hoped to finish once all the dust of the tournament settled. 

Adam “Adam” Didiano, Gregorio “GregShotGG” Jardin, Nico “Nicoos” Galanakis, and Nathan “Ykikamucoww” Lynham had plenty of impressive matches, including four top four finishes and a 9-kill chicken dinner. 

While the Americas didn’t end up taking the trophy home, the PGC was an experience for every player who made the trip to Dubai. The chance to compete among the best of the best is impossible to replicate anywhere else. 

Want to get a refresher on any stage of the tournament? Look no further:

Players like GregShotGG and sparkingg are already talking about how they’ll approach the action in 2023. An exciting 2023 announcement at the PGC has players buzzing about the future of battle royale esports. 

The PUBG Global Series, an international offline tournament, the PUBG Nations Cup, and the PUBG Global Championship will give teams plenty of opportunities to parachute into a hot drop with the best competition PUBG has to offer. The 2022 season may be over, but there is still plenty to look forward to. 


Tune in to PGC 2022!

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