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The first stage of the PUBG Global Championship 2022 (PGC) is officially behind us. Who will prove to be the best squad in Erangel, Miramar, and everywhere in between? We’ve taken the first step towards answering that question. 

Teams have been competing in two groups – Group A and B – from Nov. 1 to Nov. 7. The top eight in each group will move onto the Winner’s Bracket while the bottom eight will fall to Loser’s Bracket 1. 

The representatives from the Americas have fought admirably so far. Let’s breakdown who’s been gorging themselves on chicken through these first 15 matches. 

eUnited on top of Group B

Five chicken dinners, 75 kills and over 60 placement points show that eUnited has been the best America’s team at the PGC so far. There is plenty of action left to sort out, but these boys have gone toe to toe with the Chinese squads Tyloo and 17 Gaming in Group B. Matt “Kickstart” Smith and company built an 18 point lead once all the dust had settled in the final match.

A big reason for that success falls at Kickstart’s feet. The eUnited gunner has earned a tournament-high 35 kills, giving him an incredible 3.9 kill-to-death ratio. 

The first match of the tournament saw eUnited enjoy a delicious chicken dinner. Kickstart earned 18 kills across that win and four other matches the first day, which was more than half of the team’s total number of kills. They continued that hot streak finishing with a tournament high 138 points in group stages, 9 points more than the winners of Group A.

YAHO in a tight race for Group A

While NAVI sits atop Group A at the end of the Group Stage, four other teams finish within 14 points of Ivan “ubah” Kapustin and his teammates. Representatives from the America’s came the closest as YAHO finished second with 126 points to NAVI’s 129. 

“Top 2 of Group A and with that we guarantee our presence in the winners bracket,” said YAHO’s Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro in a translated tweet. “[We] focus on the next top 8 now.”

Sparkingg led the way on YAHO with 24 kills and 13 assists in a campaign that brought his team two chicken dinners. One of those wins came during the very last match of the Group Stage. That win and the 11 kills that came with it helped YAHO pole vault everyone but NAVI on the leaderboard. 

Wildcard on the edge

Wildcard Gaming ended the second to last day of the Group Stage right on the edge of Winner’s Bracket qualification. The final day of the stage would give them an opportunity to break out of the bottom eight. 

Adam “Adam” Didiano and crew dropped into Erangel in the first match of the last day with something to prove. They clearly proved it with a 14 kill-filled chicken dinner in the third match of the day. That performance alone was enough to catapult them onto the winner’s side of the leaderboard. 

Soniqs, Luminosity Gaming and 22 Esports finished in the bottom half the Group Stage, meaning they’ll drop down into Loser’s Bracket 1 for another chance to stay alive during PGC 2022. There is plenty of PUBG left to play, so don’t lose hope for these squads. 

The PUBG Global Championship is the final major tournament of 2022, so make sure to tune in to see your favorite teams one last time before a new champion is crowned. Looking for info on the Americas teams in Dubai? Check out Road to PGC articles on each squad:

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