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The first Loser’s Bracket of the PUBG Global Championship 2022 (PGC) is now behind us. One team was sent home, seven teams are headed to the Grand Survival, and the rest will continue on with Loser’s Bracket 2. 

Loser’s Bracket 1 featured 16 teams that finished in the bottom eight of each group. Ten matches were played across Nov. 10 and Nov. 11 and we could argue that representatives from the Americas had some of the most exciting and stressful matches of their careers here. 

Let’s break down how Soniqs, 22 Esports and Luminosity Gaming did in this stage of the tournament. 

Staying Alive With Steady Play

Soniqs was able to rebound compared to their group stage performance by doing just enough to stay on the top end of the leaderboard. Hunter “hwinn” Winn and company were the only representatives from the Americas to make it to Loser’s Bracket 2. 

One chicken dinner, two other top four finishes, and 42 kills earned Soniqs sixth place. A Chinese organization, Petrichor Road, took home first with 79 points. Only ten points filled the gap between sixth and first place.

Soniqs will now compete in another 10 matches across Nov. 12 and Nov. 13 in Loser’s Bracket 2. They’ll face off against many of the same faces from Loser’s Bracket 1 as well as teams who placed in the bottom half of the Winner’s Bracket, including another representative from the Americas, Wildcard Gaming. 

Right At the Cut Off 

22 Esports held the eighth slot on the leaderboard heading into the final match of Loser’s Bracket 1. Erick “Haven” Aguiar and the rest of the team needed to earn just enough points to stave off Global Esports Xsset (GEX) to earn a spot in Loser’s Bracket 2. 

That wouldn’t happen, unfortunately. GEX earned more than enough points to leapfrog 22 Esports and Baegopa in a performance that would take them all the way to the dinner table. Some roasted chicken and a spot in Loser’s Bracket 2 was waiting for them there. 

22 Esports earned one kill in a fifth place finish during the last match of Loser’s Bracket 1. They’ll need to prepare for the Grand Survival stage of the tournament next. The Grand Survival includes four matches – with teams needing to win a match to survive in PGC – and will take place on Nov. 14. 

Last But Not Least

It wasn’t the tournament that Luminosity Gaming was hoping for at PGC. This squad came up short in Loser’s Bracket 1 and is the first team eliminated from the competition. 

It all came down to the final match. Luminosity Gaming needed to beat out Gen.G and earn just a handful of points in order to qualify for the later rounds of Grand Survival. The majority of Gen.G’s squad went down early, too. Only Jo “Asura” Sang-won remained alive on Erangel. 

He would eventually fall, giving his team a five-kill tenth place finish. All of Luminosity Gaming fell next, giving them a three-kill ninth place performance. It wasn’t enough as Luminosity Gaming finished with 26 points to Gen.G’s 31. 

The PUBG Global Championship is the final major tournament of 2022, so make sure to tune in to see your favorite teams one last time before a new champion is crowned. Check back here to get insight on how teams from the America’s performed. Here are breakdowns for previous stages of the tournament:

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