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The representatives from the America’s have been fighting to stay alive in the Winner’s Bracket. The first section of the Bracket Stage is officially wrapped and most of our cowboys have shown that they deserve a spot in the PUBG Global Championship 2022 (PGC) Grand Final. 

The Winner’s Bracket has included 10 matches across Nov. 8 and Nov. 9. 16 teams – eight from the top of each group – have been competing for a spot in the Grand Final. The bottom eight teams in the Winner’s Bracket will move down to Loser’s Bracket 2. 

Let’s break down how eUnited, YAHO, and Wildcard Gaming did during this stage of the tournament. 

By The Skin Of Their Teeth

It didn’t appear like the majority of the America’s teams were going to qualify for the Grand Finals after this stage of the tournament. YAHO and Wildcard Gaming were set to head to Loser’s Bracket 2 before the final match of the Winner’s Bracket. 

YAHO took that last opportunity to heart. The squad jumped into Erangel and earned five kills in a sixth place finish that barely earned them a spot in the Grand Final. Brent “Poonage” Mullany made a series of clutch plays to earn just enough points to give them the nod in the final match of Winners.

CERBERUS Esports, a Vietnamese team, was actually tied with YAHO at the end of the Winner’s Bracket. Both teams earned 52 points, but YAHO owned the tie breaker. It’s safe to say YAHO had a little luck on their side. Now, Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro and co’s path to victory is much easier, having earned a spot in the Grand Final early. 

Finishing On A High Note

Noah “Relo” Jenkins and team didn’t earn a single chicken dinner through the first nine matches of the Winner’s Bracket, but that didn’t stop eUnited from finding success. These boys had five top four finishes and 38 kills throughout the first nine matches, which was more than enough to qualify for the Grand Final. It wasn’t enough for them, however. 

The tenth and final drop saw eUnited earn seven kills en route to their only chicken dinner of the Winner’s Bracket. It’s a performance that catapulted this squad up to fourth place on the leaderboard. While they couldn’t touch teams like NAVI, the win did put them within spitting distance of the top three. It’ll certainly grant them even more confidence heading into the Grand Final. 

Wildcard Gaming finished in the bottom eight with eight placement points and 19 kills. Fortunately for Wildcard, they’ve shown their ability to clutch up already within this tournament and they’ll lean on their experience heading into Loser’s Bracket 2. Luminosity Gaming, Soniqs, and 22 Esports begin their road in the Loser’s Bracket 1 on November 10th. We’ll see which of those teams will join Wildcard Gaming in Loser’s Bracket 2 on Nov. 12.

The PUBG Global Championship is the final major tournament of 2022, so make sure to tune in to see your favorite teams one last time before a new champion is crowned. Check back here to get insight on how teams from the America’s performed. Here are breakdowns for previous stages of the tournament:

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