by Ty Brody

Our Power Ranking of the Americas continues with Part II, covering the eight teams that arrive on our board between nine and sixteen. This section of our twenty-four-team list introduces the first teams of the LATAM region, who have united with our NA squads to form the Americas. The merge has brought in loads of impressive talent and new orgs, giving us even more exciting PUBG Esports action to follow.

It’s important to note that our list was compiled and revised numerous times before the ESL Masters began. So, it’s possible that a couple of the teams on our list are already performing above or below what we originally predicted. Remember, this power ranking is a subjective view of the region. I always take into consideration past results and roster moves, but a fair amount ultimately comes down to a personal evaluation of a team. If you feel strongly one way or another about a particular team and their ranking on our list, let us know on Twitter! With that said, let’s get into the teams ranked 9-16 on our list.


(Marcelek, KnorkiS, icyflex, Ethan)

Any Trolls In Chat have picked up Ethan and Icyflex to play alongside Marcelek and Knorkis for ESL Masters, taking the place of Aghila and Sharpshot of the team’s PCS3 roster. From Charity Showdown to DreamHack, Icyflex played with Illusion for the majority of last season. He was a Top-25 player during the PCS3 Groups Stage while averaging 181 damage dealt and 0.8 kills per game. Marcelek and Knorkis have established themselves as a dangerous tandem, so I’m excited to see how these four play once the ESL Group Stage begins.


(Corsac, shuhroo, hambinooo, Nick101)

There’s a possibility that I’m massively underestimating the potential of this squad, but it’s tough to rank them any higher than some of the battle-hardened rosters on this list. Hambinooo has helped make Slappers Only one of the most exciting teams to watch in PUBG Esports this past year. In the team’s recent online events, Slappers Only have enlisted the likes of DrasseLSophiya666MemoSILERZZ, and SimplyMatthias to compete beside Hambinooo. This team has taken some of the biggest names in North American PUBG and tossed them into the fray. For the ESL Masters, Hambinoo and Corsac will be accompanied by Nick101 and shuhroo, adding another pair of PUBG greats to the team’s long list of exciting players.


(SteeZybb, Weum00, Decinator, Kropp)

Tactical 8 may not have exceeded their PCS goals last season, but I’m a big believer in SteeZybb and the roster that he’s leading into the ESL Group Stage. This team has done well in online leagues during the break, including a recent first-place finish in the Quarantine League Finale. Kropp will step in following the departure of Zealot. He was a member of Dodge for the majority of last season before finishing the year with Slappers Only. Since joining Tactical 8, Kropp led the lobby during the team’s Quarantine League Finale win with 24 Kills over the Bo12. I also genuinely enjoy the play from Decinator and Weum00, both of whom proved themselves to be consistent top-tier players during their 2020 campaign.


(SzylzEN, Ragnar, RiboxD, KODAk1d)

After the team’s solid performance at PGI.S to kick off the year, Meta Gaming lost the team’s IGL and leading fragger when sparkingg departed to play with A Creche in this event. The good news is that Meta signed two highly-touted players in RobixD and KODAk1d from Just 2 Easy, to fill their roster for ESL Masters. These four players are familiar with one another, but adapting to a new team can take time, so we won’t know how well the team has messed with one another until the matches begin.


(sparkingg, vhz, rbNN1, kyshenn)

Already a team that deserved our attention as we approached the ESL Masters, A Creche added arguably the most coveted free agent to their roster before this event began. After slowly breaking out towards the end of 2020, sprakingg proved himself to PUBG Esports fans around the world with an impressive individual display at PGI.S. Coming out of that event, many players and fans were clamoring about the potential teams sparkingg could bolster if he was to leave Meta Gaming. For the time being, he’ll play alongside three individually talented players as a part of A Creche.


(and1FPS, Hiagguin, KF9sk, coff1)

Young Kings have been one of the better teams in the LATAM region this year, unfortunately, we haven’t had a chance to see them compete against teams outside of their region yet. coff1 will rejoin the team for ESL Masters to play alongside and1FPSHiagguin, and KF9sk. As we expected, they’re currently one of the better teams through twelve matches in the LATAM Group Stage and on track to earn themselves a spot in the ESL Masters Americas Finals.

 11. 22 ESPORTS

(v1n1, rogi, HazeteN, bisnag)

The list for our initial power rankings was compiled prior to 22 Esports’ roster announcement, but it wouldn’t be right to exclude this roster from our rankings. This team has some familiar names for those who have followed the region previously, starting with rogi who played for Team Brazil at the 2019 PUBG Nations Cup as a member of Furia at the time. Adding to the team’s experience, v1n1 was a member of INTZ and the Brazillian Crusaders back in 2018. Together, these four players have already started off strong in the ESL Masters LATAM Group Stage to reinforce the excitement around this new org in the Americas region.


(Lobes, ChubbaBubba, Jsank, FarmerBilly)

The Houston Hardshifts has consistently been a team I go into an event predicting to do well, and for a variety of reasons, they just haven’t put it together for an entire tournament. It feels inevitable that this team is rewarded for their play at some point, but will it be during the ESL Masters? The core group of LobesChubbaBubba, and JSANK have carried over into this event, but they’ve welcomed a new member to the team. FarmerBilly appears to be an alias for someone who hasn’t advertised their participation or return, to competitive PUBG but could in the near future. I won’t be the one to spoil the fun, but if this player is the person I believe it is, Houston Hardshifts might be a top-three team when it’s all said and done.


(Monte, DrasseL, PAT_KAPS, Yaxley)

There was already a lot to like about the Comets before obtaining two veteran players in PAT_KAPS and DrasseL. I felt great about the team coming into this event with Monte and Yaxley, especially considering the play from Yaxley towards the end of our last PCS event. Now, they’ve added PAT_KAPS after a lengthy but beneficial run through PGI.S as a member of Oath, and pull DrasseL out of ‘retirement’ to form this dangerous four-man squad for ESL Masters. As with any newly formed roster, how they play as a group remains to be seen, but on paper, they’re already a favorite in my book.

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