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The PCS6: Americas Grand Finals are over which means there isn’t another chance for teams to garner major PGC points until ESL Masters Phase 2 in July. Before that though, another major tournament is on the horizon. The PUBG Nations Cup (PNC) is coming in June where 16 nations will put up their best players to compete for a prize pool of $500,000. The MVPs from the PCS6 Americas Grand Finals (and other continental grand finals) will automatically get a slot on their respective nations’ PNC teams with the rest of the roster announcements soon to come. But who are these MVPs? Where do their skills come from? Which players are they afraid of? What is their favorite sandwich? All the important info will be revealed about our MVPs this week. Next up is the Argentinian MVP: mArtins4n.

New kids on the block.

Martin Castillo (AKA mArtins4N) is a 24-year-old player on the all-Argentinian team AKM Gaming who reached the Grand Finals due to their 4th place outcome in the LATAM regional playoffs. Of all the teams who made it through the regional playoffs, and eventually the Grand Finals, AKM and Yellow Jackets were the only teams who weren’t directly invited to the playoffs, but rather entered the tournament a few months ago during the open qualifiers. Not only are they the only two LATAM qualifiers who achieved this, but the only two across the entire Americas region, so AKM has had the longest journey of any of our Grand Finalists. Despite finishing in 14th place (they outplaced the Yellow Jackets and Just 2 Easy) their showing was incredibly impressive when you take into account how far they’ve come. For relative newcomers to the scene, to finish in the Grand Finals AND have one of your players become the Argentinian MVP is a serious win in our book and AKM should be proud of themselves. This result has made us even more excited about the players and teams coming out of the burgeoning gaming scene in Argentina.

From player to leader.

mArtins4n led his team in kills, damage, assists, and nearly every other statistic you can count. His weapon of choice is the Beryl, although he seemed to have more luck with the M14 in these Finals. His preferred map was Erangel although his team seemed to perform similarly on both Erangel and Miramar, and despite coming up short in 1st circles, mArtins4n had a pretty high survival time average. All of this hopefully speaks to his versatility. That’s something he’ll need going into the PNC in June. As the MVP of Argentina, he will also be expected to take some kind of leadership position on his team during PNC. As he was not the captain of AKM we can’t say how much experience he has in a leadership role. Hopefully, these are skills he’s acquired by watching other captains and are something he will need to work on going into PNC on top of keeping his skills as a player sharp.

Keep it simple.

How mArtins4n trains we don’t know. We do know that he’s a simple guy when it comes to warming up. He puts some music on and gets in the game. No need for stretches, special t-shirts, or Redbull, he just keeps it old school. He might throw on some Green Day, or some Megadeath, or some Cardi B, who knows. Like we said, he’s versatile. Outside of the PUBG world he’s a big Counter-Strike fan, he wishes he could teleport (which would be quite helpful in PUBG actually), and he thinks there are more wheels in the world than doors because he’s not insane like those door maniacs.

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