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Battle royales may seem like they’re full of random elements, but seasoned players know how to use data to help them earn Chicken Dinners. How many people are left in the circle? Where do circles in one area of the map usually narrow down to? Thousands of hours within PUBG: Battlegrounds have given these players the know-how to use data whenever possible. 

Some elements, however, are completely outside of their control. 

North American teams have a lot of data from the Regional Playoff, considering no teams from South America made it out of the Last Chance Qualifier. From Yaho’s ownership of real estate on Erangel to Dodge winning the Last Chance Qualifier without actually winning a match, here are four data points to consider heading into the Grand Final. 

Yaho’s dominance on Erangel 

Out of the six matches of Erangel that they played during the North America Regional Playoff, Yaho won three. It’s the highest win percentage of any team on the map during the tournament. Those matches weren’t solely due to good placement based, either. The squad of scrappy Americans earned 11 kills in two of those matches and 18 in the third. They are unmatched while playing on the fictional Eastern European island. 

Their performance on Miramar, although improved between the first and second match days, pales in comparison. Yaho scored 56 kills on Erangel across 6 rounds while only landing 29 kills on Miramar in the same number of matches. 

Soniqs love the first circle

Soniqs may have played more games than most other teams headed to the Grand Final, but that didn’t seem to impact their luck in any way. The team, who qualified for the Grand Final through a strong performance in the Last Chance Qualifier, landed in the first circle in exactly half of the 18 matches played throughout the Regional Playoff. That’s a much higher rate than average. Their luck dropped off in the LCQ as they landed in the first circle in more than 30% of the 12 matches played during that tournament. 

Tristan “Shrimzy” Nowicki and company earned two wins on Miramar alongside the Gascans and eUnited, two teams that stunned during the playoff. This stat, combined with Soniqs affinity for landing in the first circle, could spell bad news for Soniqs. 

Not being able to win, or place very high, consistently with this type of luck is concerning. They’ll need to turn that luck into victory if they want a chance in the Grand Final. 

Rumblers high placement gave them an edge over Wildcard

We’ve all seen it by now. The Rumblers barely squeaked by Wildcard Gaming by qualifying for the Grand Final by a single point. 

Wildcard Gaming out-slayed The Rumblers by 26 kills, but that hardly mattered during the final stretch of the Last Chance Qualifier. The Rumblers knew it would be close as the final map of Miramar began. They would either need to go on a killing spree or place high. They did both. 

With a second place finish and ten kills, Keane “Valliate” Alonso and company secured a place in the Grand Final. If they had placed 4th it would have been the end of the road for them. If they had landed two fewer kills then Wildcard Gaming would be in their place right now. 

This could all come down to The Rumblers luck. The squad landed within the first circle 41.67% of the time compared to Wildcard’s 25%. Neither team secured a chicken dinner in the same match that they landed within the first circle, and in fact none of the teams in the Top 10 for landing in the first circle converted it into a WWCD.  That said, first circle luck is still worth a lot in the crazy world of battle royales. 

How did Dodge win the LCQ without any chicken?

That’s right. Dodge didn’t earn a single chicken dinner across the 12 rounds played during the Last Chance Qualifier and yet they still finished first. 

How, you might ask? Consistency. Dodge placed within the Top 4 in seven of the twelve LCQ rounds. They also earned 72 kills through that period, the second highest in the tournament behind Soniq’s 73. 

Dodge landed within the first circle in a third of the LCQ, meaning they played conservatively enough to take advantage of their map placement before getting aggressive and going for kills. They had the best in both worlds and it earned them a ticket to the Grand Final.

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