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The PUBG Nations Cup was a rare opportunity to see top players from nearly 16 countries compete in person in Thailand. The boys from Canada, the United States, Brazil and Argentina are used to competing among one another in the PCS6. 

We’ve broken down a few important stat lines and some highlights from each of America’s teams below. We’ve also included the United Kingdom so you can see how our boys from out west compared to the top squad from across the pond. 

Team Brazil

Standout Player: Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro

Wins: 4

Best Map: Miramar

Brazil’s entire squad had an unparalleled level of synergy throughout the tournament. Three out of four of their members had kill to death ratios that exceeded 2.0, meaning they had twice as many kills as deaths throughout 20 matches. That’s incredibly impressive considering this team hadn’t played together much before this tournament and they were playing against players from regions they had little experience against. 

Both Lucas “lfp1” Prado and sparkingg led the way with over 30 kills, although the rest of their squad wasn’t far behind. 

This team had high flying performances and dud matches on both maps. Two of their wins and 30 of their kills came within two matches on Miramar, though. If they hadn’t had multiple 14th place finishes with zero kills then Brazil may have outpaced the United Kingdom in Thailand. 

Brazil tops the charts in more unique ways than one. Sparkingg proved he utilized all parts of his kit by throwing 42 flashes, Hailton “vhz” Junior had the longest kill of the tournament with 627 meters, and lfp1 had the most kills stolen with six. 

Team Argentina

Standout Player: Nahuel “SzylzEN” Balseiro

Wins: 2

Best Map: Miramar

SzylzEN was laying down fire throughout the tournament for Argentina. 27 kills, 29 knocks and a 1.8 kill to death ratio meant that he was putting enemies in the ground more often than getting put in the ground. The rest of Team Argentina fell behind SzylzEN, but they all mirrored his knack for killing more than getting killed. 

The main problem for Argentina was consistency. Both of this squad’s wins came in incredibly impressive matches. The first chicken dinner on the second match day came with 13 kills. The final match of the tournament, where they placed second, resulted in another 12 kills. Every other match saw this team get less than 10 kills – including their second chicken dinner. 

Team USA

Standout Player: Hunter “hwinn” Winn

Wins: 1

Best Map: Erangel

Not a single member of this four man squad has a kill-to-death ratio above one. They each got a handful of kills – ranging between 11 and 18 for the entire tournament – but they all died a lot in a 20 match campaign that only resulted in one chicken dinner. 

Team USA wasn’t winning enough fights. Only Matt “Kickstart” Smith actually dealt more damage than he received from enemy teams with 242 points of average damage given compared to 219 points of damage given. That damage output makes up for the zero damage given from the tournament-high 20 molotov cocktails that Kickstart threw. 

Team Canada

Standout Player: Nolan “Shinboi” Burdick

Wins: 0

Best Map: Miramar

Despite food poisoning knocking him out for five of the twenty matches of the tournament, Adam “Adam” Didiano’s performance didn’t pale in comparison to the rest of his team. The unfortunate part is that stat line comparison isn’t a good thing. 

The five members of Team Canada, including Dylan “Didz” Didiano who subbed in for Adam, had less than 20 kills each, no chicken dinners and they were all on the wrong side of the barrel more often than not. All four members of this squad had a negative kill to death ratio. 

Team United Kingdom

Standout Player: Christopher “Fexx” Wheddon

Wins: 4

Best Map: Erangel

You can tell that this team was playing on another level when nearly every player cracked a 30 kill threshold. Fexx went even further and nearly had nearly triple as many kills as he did deaths throughout the tournament. Couple that with the 7,700 hit points of damage that he did and you have one of the best PUBG Nations Cup performances in battle royale history. Fexx, his teammate Alex “vard” Gouge who landed a tournament-high 36 kills, earned the most kills of the entire cup alongside China’s Zhou “ZpYan1” Pin yan. 

Fexx, alongside teammate Michael “mykLe” Wake, also topped the leaderboard with healers. The British had 109 and 88 heals, respectively, making sure that they were able to stay alive to secure more kills. 


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