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Four players from some of North America’s best teams, who nearly all placed well at PUBG Continental Series 6: Americas, make up team Canada’s all star squad in Bangkok. YAHO’s Nolan “Shinboi” Burdick, Gascan’s Adam Didiano, Bing Bang Booms’ Jeremy “Keenan” Traverse and Dodge’s Brandon “f1nna” Finskars will hopefully come together to impress at the PUBG Nations Cup. 

“What a good looking group of guys eh?” Adam said on Twitter after Team Canada’s roster was announced. “I’ll be working with my brother Dylan “Didz” Didiano again…could be really good or bad, [but] I don’t know yet. LET’S GO CANADA.”

This team was all over PCS6. Adam placed 3rd, Shinboi placed 2nd, Keenan placed 6th and f1nna placed 12th in a highly competitive tournament. That 12th place finish is more impressive than it sounds as well. Dodge came in first place in the Last Chance Qualifier without winning a single match. It’s safe to say that f1nna has some experience with how to constantly place well in hectic battle royale matches. 

These four players racked up 102 kills across thirty matches in that tournament. Shinboi, who earned a Team Canada-leading 43 kills, will surely be the best gunner while Adam takes the role of in-game leader. F1nna will hopefully go back to the drawing board in order to improve on his nine kill, one chicken dinner campaign at PCS6. 

All four teams earned a total of nine chicken dinners, which is a victory in nearly 30% of every match in the Grand Final. This squad has a unique balance of conservative play calling that leads to high placements and the ability to win gunfights. 

They should be able to learn from one another, too. Adam and the Gascans were able to take 21 kills and 4,507 points of damage off Keenan and the rest of Bing Bang Boom. Now they’ll fight alongside one another. 

These aren’t just four impressive players with a history of strong performances at the highest level of PUBG. They are veterans who have played for major organizations like Dignitas and Spacestation Gaming. They’ve been competing in PUBG for years, despite the state of the world over the past two years, and they’ve been waiting for a golden opportunity like the PUBG Nations Cup. 

PUBG is a complicated battle royale with a number of elements that need to be tracked. This team, however, is primed to play well if a few circles fall in their favor. The only way they could be more prepared is if Adam had a superpower that gave him a little competitive advantage. 

“My superpower would be to read minds,” Adam said. “So I could win every PUBG game.”

Catch Shinboi, Adam, Keenan, f1nna and Didz as they compete on Team Canada at the PUBG Nations Cup in Bangkok, Thailand from June 16th to 19th. Catch all the action on Twitch and YouTube.


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