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The Last Chance Qualifier gave us a peek into the final four teams that are competing in the PUBG Continental Series 7 Grand Final. These four squads – Bing Bang Boom, The Rumblers, Peak FA and EosGURI – had to go through one extra weekend in order to continue fighting for glory. 

Let’s break down how these teams played during this scrap before we see them take on the best of the best in the Grand Final later this month. 

An even distribution of Boom

Bing Bang Boom didn’t win due to one specific player popping off during the Grand Final. Each member of this squad contributed to their overall performance. These four players earned 22, 20, 19 and 18 kills over the course of 12 matches with Jeremy “Keenan” Traverse leading the way. 

This level of team synergy extended to revives as well. Daniel “Sharpshot” Hernandez was revived a tournament-high eight times. Keenen and Dylan “Roth” Short were right behind him on the recovery leaderboard too. 

A damage sponge

Gustavo “Deanzera” Henemann of Peak FA pulled off an interesting feat during the Last Chance Qualifier. The Brazilian took a tournament-high 4747 – with 1228 points coming from the zone – points of damage while maintaining a 1.7 KD. This man took more than 700 more points of damage than he dealt. 

Sharpshot was the next closest sponge on the leaderboard, but he took 500 fewer points of damage, highlighting how much lead Deanzera took over the course of 12 matches. It goes to show that you can take as much damage as necessary as long as you stay alive and get the job done. 

A killer Keenan

There were three awards given out for outstanding performances in the Last Chance Qualifier. Most kills, most assists and most damage. Bing Bang Boom’s Keenan took the two most important awards – kills and assists. Every member of his squad chipped in for this Last Chance Qualifier chip, but it’s clear that Keenan helped lead his team to the promised land. 

It’s also important to point out that Agustin “f1sherr” Encinas – despite AKM Gaming finishing 10th in the tournament – dealt the most amount of damage. His team won’t be in the Grand Final, but this is just another piece of evidence that supports f1sherr being one of the best players in Argentina. 

If there was an award for the smokiest players, then Keenan would win that as well. He threw 74 smoke grenades, nearly 30 more than the next person on the leaderboard. 

Should kids walk that much?

EosGuri, which loosely translates to “it’s the kids” in Portuguese, did a ton of walking in the Last Chance Qualifier. Two players, Fakezin and Biel, walked more than a combined 47 kilometers in the 12 matches played. That’s a lot of miles on those walking shoes – and part of the reason they were able to squeak by and qualify for the Grand Final with 25 placement points. 

How to Watch

The Grand Final will take place from Sept. 16 to 25. The first of 30 matches will kick off at 4:00 p.m. PDT. All the Grand Final action will be broadcast on the official PUBG Twitch channel. PCS7 is one of the final competitive PUBG tournaments of the year so stay tuned for all of the remaining action. 

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