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The Latin America and North America Regional Playoff gave us two amazing performances – one in each region. Soniqs and FIUMBA created such a big lead that we’re now expecting great things from them in the Grand Final. 

Other teams put up admirable showcases as well, including Wildcard Gaming, eUnited and Luminosity Gaming. Here are some of the highlights from the Regional Playoff for each region. 

12 matches, 6 wins

It’s nothing but impressive. Soniqs took home fifty percent of the available chicken dinners during the North American Grand Final. This squad averaged nearly 15 points a match in a series where they almost scored 100 kills.

It’s as if this team is taking a victory lap after all the success they’ve achieved over the past few tournaments. There is no one else quite like them in competitive PUBG. 

No wins, still qualified 

This team is back at it again folks. Team Dodge have secured a spot in the Grand Final without earning a single chicken dinner in the North American Regional Playoff. 

64 kills and a handful of top 5 finishes cemented this team as a contender over the course of 12 matches. It’s not like Dodge had an easy group to play in either – Soniqs and Luminosity, who also qualified – were right there for the entire series. 

Oh Capitan, my Capitan

Facundo “Capitan” Solsona was here, there and every-freaking-where during the Latin America Regional Playoff. He earned 38 kills – nearly thirty five percent of FIUMBA’s 109 kills – during this 12 match series. 

It’s interesting to note that Capitan, along with teammates Ignacio “Dr4FTk1NG” Falzone and Leandro “RiboxD” Racanelli, earned the highest number of assists throughout the series. When they weren’t landing kills they were helping each other deal damage. That’s teamwork. 

22 Esports is back

After finishing last during the ESL Masters Phase 2 Grand Final, 22 Esports looks to be back in form for the PCS7 Grand Final. The team that only earned 61 points in ESL Masters Phase 2 put up 125 during the Latin America Regional Playoff behind a stellar performance from Guilherme “Guizeera” Barbosa.

This squad has done well on the international stage before and could return to that level of performance in the Grand Final. 

Catch these teams as well as many more as they fight for glory and a chunk of $250,000 in the PUBG Continental Series 7 Grand Final. It kicks off on September 16th at 4:00 pm PDT. 

​​How to Watch

All the action, from the Last Chance Qualifier to the Grand Final, will be broadcast on the official PUBG Twitch channel. PCS7 is one of the final competitive PUBG tournaments of the year so stay tuned for all of the remaining action. 

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