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We’re entering the final stage of ESL Masters Phase 2 this weekend. Sixteen teams will fight over the course of six days in order to determine who gets the biggest piece of a $50,000 prize pool and a chunk of PGC points. 

The PUBG action has been ongoing over the past month, with teams from both North America and Latin America fighting it out through an open bracket and Regional Playoff. We’re here to break down the star performers of each Regional Playoff and talk about how those top teams might perform in the Grand Final. 

Here is the remaining schedule for ESL Masters PUBG Americas Phase 2:

  • Grand Final:
    • July 22nd to 24th
    • July 29th to 31st

A whirlwind in the North American Regional Playoff

Soniqs, the best team in all of the Americas, proved that they aren’t here to mess around once again. This squad began the North American Regional Playoff with a bang, placing within the top three in the first three matches of the stage. 

Of all six rounds of the first day matches, Soniqs only had one dud of a game. They earned at least six kills and placed within the top five in every match except for one, where they only earned one kill and placed tenth. This performance gave them a little bit of breathing room when compared to the majority of other teams.

Soniqs performance fell off in their second match day of the Regional Playoff. They only earned 63% of their overall score from the first day. Fewer kills and fewer high placements helped other teams close the gap Soniqs had built during the first six matches. 

YAHO, eUnited and even Tokyo Manji Gaming, who fought through the open bracket to get to this point, were within spitting distance of Soniqs by the end of the Regional Playoff. YAHO and eUnited were only three points from tying the returning champions. 

Soniqs have a solid chance to take home the trophy in the Grand Final, but several teams are right on their heels. 

Double the trouble in the Latin American Regional Playoff

The scourge of Group B, the Trogloditas, began the Regional Playoff on the wrong hairy foot. This Brazilian team earned a total of 41 points, with 15 placement points and 26 kills, throughout the first day of matches. This left the Trogloditas in sixth place with only six matches left to play on their second day of matches. They had to knock it out of the park in order to secure a spot in the Grand Final. 

The first match of the second day of action was also a complete dud, but then the Trogloditas went on a rampage. Three chicken dinners and 52 kills added up to 88 points, more than double what this squad earned on the first day. The performance propelled them into first place and landed them a spot in the Grand Final.

FIUMBA, an Argentinian squad, had the opposite experience. This team came out of the plane breathing fire, earning 94 points and three chicken dinners on the first day of play. The team fell apart during the second day – earning only 24 points – but had built up enough of a cushion to pad their crash landing. 

Both teams put on an incredible show, but now it’s time for an even bigger challenge. Latin American teams struggled when facing off against North American teams during the PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas. This, however, is a new opportunity for teams like the Trogloditas to shine. 

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