Behind The Battlegrounds: How Adam’s competitive drive brought him back to PUBG


by PUBG Esports

Adam Didiano, who serves as the team captain for Gascans, has been on seven teams, including Dignitas, Wildcard Gaming, Shoot to Kill and more, during his five year career in PUBG. Making roster changes is always difficult – team chemistry isn’t easy to build over and over again – but he has learned a lot by surrounding himself with talented players. 

“It’s easy to learn from other players and team environments and compound those experiences to further better myself,” he said. 

Adam currently competes full-time, scrimmaging with other teams five days a week while playing PUBG as much as possible on his own time. It’s a stark contrast to when he had retired from the battle royale over a year ago. He didn’t step away entirely, though. He took an opportunity to coach a PUBG: Mobile team, Omen Elite, for six months. 

“I surprisingly learned a lot more about the game,” Adam said. “From the coaching perspective.”

He learned better ways to communicate, including specific terminology for terrain like flats, faces, divet and ridges that weren’t used in PUBG:Battlegrounds. His time as a coach gave him a better mind for tactical aggression, too. 

Stepping away from the game – mainly because there weren’t many North American organizations looking to hire players – was difficult for Adam. He had put so much time into PUBG. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he wanted to come back and try to win a championship. 

“I realized I wanted to win more than anything,” Adam said. “My first goal is to win a regional major and qualify for PGC. Second, I wanted my team to perform at PGC and prove to be a top team in the world.”

Adam, on the left, during his time at TSM

Adam is currently preparing his four man squad for the Grand Final of PCS6, where he’ll face the top 15 across North America and Latin America. He knows it’s going to take everything he learned to perform well against these other top squads. That goes for more than just his time in-game. 

“I enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, and really anything outdoors,” Adam said. “It’s always refreshing to enjoy nature and the outdoors after spending most of my time looking at a screen.”

He loves to fish in the warmer part of the year near a cottage his parents own in Southern Ontario. You might see him fishing in many of the lakes a couple hours north of Toronto. Just like PUBG, it’s a game of patience. 

“There are many days when I go fishing and catch nothing, but I’ve learned to be patient because eventually the big fish will come,” he said. “This is what I tell my team when we have days where we don’t get circle, that they must be patient because one day the circle will come, just like the fish.”

The wait is always worthwhile. The feeling of catching a fish after hours on the water or earning a chicken dinner after the perfect PUBG: Battlegrounds match still gets his adrenaline pumping all these years later.

Don’t forget to watch Adam and his team, Gascans, take on the best of America’s best during the PCS6 Americas Grand Final at 4 pm PT, starting on April 15th.  And don’t miss Adam’s breakdown of an epic Gascans’ Chicken Dinner, here on YouTube.


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