Behind the Battlegrounds: Relo and eUnited


by PUBG Esports

Noah “Relo” Jenkins and the rest of his eUnited squad thought they had a straightforward path into the circle during a late round in the PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas NA Regional Playoff, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t going to be hard fought. The four Americans were hugging the northernmost edge of the circle, knowing they were going to have to move while under fire. 

Soniqs and Bing Bang Boom filled out the northwest, Yaho and Black Sheep Online dug in around the east and Spicy Fish took control of the south west. eUnited held their position in the north, praying they’d stay afloat in a packed circle.

“This game was pretty straightforward,” Relo said, knowing that their team cut a few lucky breaks. “We held our north edge, forcing Soniqs into Bendita. We kept an easy path into zone because of that.”

Bullets were flying all over as Spicy Fish fought for the high ground on the ridge south of eUnited. All teams were caught in a stalemate with Spicy Fish holding a stiff advantage. Relo and company knew that they only had one option as they found themselves outside the next circle. 

“We realized pushing Yaho was our only play into the zone,” Relo said. “We couldn’t push uphill into Spicy Fish.”

The numbers dwindled as Spicy Fish took out Soniqs and Bing Bang Boom. With that, Spicy Fish turned to third party eUnited and Yaho’s fight after, which likely kept Relo and his teammates alive. They knew they had to move quickly, though. They started to push east towards Yaho while covering themselves with smoke grenades, although they were still getting torn up. 

“We definitely should have lost at least one here,” Relo said of he, Lachlan “Fludd” Thompson and Matt “Kickstart” Smith. Jake “Snakers” Winant had fallen earlier. “I’m pretty sure all three of us got put to 1 HP a couple times while crossing through smoke.”

Yaho eventually knocked Fludd, but not before Spicy Fish’s bullets started to connect with the rest of their team. Yaho fell back outside the circle as eUnited picked up Fludd and grabbed a chunk of the circle to control. Spicy Fish still had the high ground, but things were a little more even now. 

“We thought Spicy Fish was four up the whole time,” Relo said, adding that they had no healing items, either. “So we thought we were guaranteeing second place.”

Then they heard it. Maffooo, the lone member of Black Sheep Online who was still alive, let shots ring from the barrel of his gun. Relo and his team knew that Spicy Fish didn’t have a man advantage and that they had a little more time before the final gun fight.  

“When we heard Maffooo shoot we knew the game was ours,” Relo said. 

eUnited regrouped and pushed. Kickstart popped off and took out two members of Spicy Fish. He then put the nail in the coffin with a push to finish Spicy Fish’s last member off, giving eUnited the win. 

“This [was] pretty important,” Relo said. The four Americans on eUnited were on the cusp of qualifying for the PCS6 Grand Final heading into Round 5 on the second match day of the North American Regional Playoff. A bad performance could have sent them home. 

This win, as well as the chicken dinner they secured in Round 6, secured a ticket to the next big show in competitive PUBG. This tactical prowess that led to multiple high placements – along with a little bit of luck that battle royales are known for – are why eUnited are headed into the Grand Final with some momentum. 

Want to see more gameplay from this epic win?  Check out our Behind the Battlegrounds video.
Make sure you keep an eye out on Relo and eUnited as the Grand Final starts on April 15th and 4 pm PT – on Twitch or YouTube

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