by PUBG Esports


Hello, PUBG Esports fans!

The kick-off week of PGI.S has been some of the best PUBG Esports ever, thanks in no small part to your support and viewership!

In fact, your interest in the first set of matches has persuaded us to alter our broadcast plans a bit. We’d originally planned for the Bottom16 placement matches for each week’s Weekly Survival to be a one day, offline thing but have now moved these to a two day LIVE broadcast of their own on Saturday and Sunday of each week!

Here is the updated Bottom16 schedule:
– On Air: Every Sat/Sun 01:00 PM (KST)
– Map Order
Saturday: Miramar / Miramar / Erangel / Erangel
Sunday: Miramar / Miramar / Erangel / Erangel

Thank you once again for your avid support! There’s still plenty of PGI.S action to see and tons of prize money to give away, so tune in and cheer on your favorite PUBG teams!

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