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This week we’re focusing on the upcoming PUBG Nations Cup (PNC) tournament in June. With the PCS6: Americas Grand Finals over, PNC is the next major tournament of the year and a unique one among PUBG Esports. PNC rosters represent each participating country and will bring together athletes who, as recently as PCS6, have been on opposing teams and splitting up athletes who currently play on teams with international rosters (most teams really). The MVPs of the PCS6 Americas Grand Finals will automatically get a spot on their nation’s PNC team with the rest of the roster announcements rolling out. But who are these MVPs? What makes them stand out above the rest? What is their pregame ritual? What superpower would they choose and why? The 411 on our MVPs will be laid out this week. Next up is the Canadian MVP: Shinboi.

A winding road to victory.

It’s no surprise that Yaho, the 2nd place team, as well as the most consistent team throughout the entirety of PCS6, counts two MVPs among their roster. Nolan “Shinboi” Burdick was a founding member of Yaho back in 2020, but his esports history isn’t that straightforward. He’s played for some pretty big names in PUBG Esports since entering the arena two years ago including Oath Gaming, Zenith E-Sports, and Dignitas, all of whom he helped take home some big prizes across multiple tournaments. He also met and played with his current teammates Poonage, Sparkingg, and Balefrost on these previous teams, as well as some of his current rivals. Most of the current rosters of both eUnited and STK were on Shinboi’s earlier teams. In fact, despite helping found Yaho, he has spent far more time with other organizations throughout his gaming career. It seems coming home has done Shinboi good though as he’s had his best showing at a PCS tournament, with Yaho coming in first during the North American Regional Playoffs and second overall. There are more tournaments to come this year, but Yaho is in a pretty favorable position to reach the PUBG Global Championships at the end of the year which puts his team within reach of an enormous prize pool. It’s not unfair to say Shinboi’s esports career could have gone in a few different directions, but we think he’s made the right choices in the long run.

Striking the right balance for PNC.

Shinboi has always been a smart and focused player, scoring within the top 5 kill counts, as well as headshot percentages, of any player at PCS6, and remaining alive longer than nearly everyone.  This combined with his obvious experience gives us little doubt he’ll be a capable leader for Canada at PNC, but historically he’s played with pretty strong and balanced rosters. Yaho might have been the most well-rounded team at PCS6, with no one player standing head and shoulders above the rest, a dynamic that is true of many teams both at PCS6 and beyond. Shinboi won’t have access to his current Yaho teammates during PNC as none are Canadian, nor will he be playing with most of his former teammates as he’s historically been on American teams. Halfway through PCS6 Shinboi spoke with some of our commentators, Toffees, Porosaurus, and Cameron Davis, about striking the right balance for his team. Yaho has gone through some pretty regular roster changes recently, but with the addition of Balefrost Shinboi felt they found a consistent groove, and it turns out he was right. Hopefully, he will be able to reach a similar harmony with the roster he ends up with at PNC.

Mysterious yet sensitive.

Compared to his teammate and fellow MVP Sparkingg, Shinboi is a pretty morbid guy even in victory, and we got to say, it’s pretty cool.  Maybe it’s the weather up in Canada or Shinboi’s preference for the desolate eastern European island Erangel but his consistently dark backgrounds definitely set him apart from the pack. Despite his surprisingly grim aesthetics for a 19-year-old, Shinboi never forgets to shout-out his mom (something we should all remember) and post about him and his girlfriend’s cat.  It seems, like his impressive team, Shinboi is a pretty balanced guy. That being said, he does think there are more doors than wheels in the world so he could be totally unhinged.

Keep up with the MVPs from the US, Brazil, Canada, and Argentina as we get to know each one a bit better this week.   


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