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Yaho has been disqualified from PCS3 NA Group Stage for failure to field a roster by the given deadline, due to an inability to abide by the roster rules..  Due to their disqualification, their spot in the PCS3 NA Group Stage has been vacated.

Impact on PCS3

  • Yaho will be replaced by Pros Dont Snake, the 9th place team in NA Challenger Cup 2.

Relevant Rules – Section 5, Subsection H. Roster Rules of the PCS3 NA Group Stage & NA Challenger Series 3 Tournament Rules

Each team may have up to five (5) players on the team roster for the complete PCS3 NA Group Stage (“Team Roster”). The Team Roster is due Friday, September 25, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT and is locked upon submission. A team will not be allowed to add a player beyond the Team Roster deadline. For purposes of clarity, if a team does not add a fifth by the deadline, they will forfeit their right to add a fifth player to their roster. In any situation that one of their four players are not available, whether an emergency or not, they will not be eligible to add a substitute or fifth player beyond the deadline.

For a team to keep their earned spot in the PCS3 NA Group Stage, the team must fulfill certain roster requirements based on their roster from their qualifying event (e.g. PCS2 NA Grand Final or NA Challenger Cup 2).

  •  For teams who qualified through PCS2 NA Grand Final: o Must keep at least 50% of their roster from PCS2 NA Grand Final. 
  • If the team had 5 members, they must keep at least three (3) out of five (5) players.
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