by Ty Brody

Dignitas has announced its return to PUBG Esports following their signing of the Zenith Esports roster. The team will make their first appearance on the battlegrounds in nearly three years during the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals on June 10th. The team’s current roster consists of, Brent “Poonage” Mullany, Nolan “Shinboi” Burdick, Joe “HoneyBadger” Haylock, Pedro “Sparkingg” Miguel Ribeiro, and their coach, Maxime “Znooper” Gony. Considering the player’s individual success earlier this season, combined with the team’s display in the previous round, Dignitas enters the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals with one of the strongest rosters in PUBG Esports at the moment.

“I have been a long-time fan of PUBG, playing it at release and following the scene ever since. Whenever Dignitas enters a game, we do it for two reasons; we love the game and we can field a team that can win. The group of guys that we’ve picked up has the ability to not only win domestically, but win a World Championship, and we’ll be providing them with the tools that they need to make it happen.”

– James Baker, Director of Esports

Beginning their season in Korea, Zenith Esports stunned everyone with their incredible performance at the PUBG Global Invitational.S against the best teams in the world. Their exceptional play earned them second-place overall, which awarded the team with more than $1Million in prize money. This paycheck was well deserved for the team’s consistent play against the best teams this esport has to offer. Upon their departure from PGI.S, it was made known that their IGL and leading fragger would not be returning to the Zenith Esport roster.

We are truly impressed by the passion and commitment to PUBG Esports that Dignitas has shown with this return. It was clear that they set their sights on picking up a team that they truly believe is capable of performing at the highest level. It will be a real pleasure to watch Poonage, Shinboi, HoneyBadger, Sparkingg, and Znooper continue to grow as a team with the backing of such a promising organization.

– Everett Coleman, Head of Esports, PUBG Americas

This news made Zenith Esports one of the most interesting teams to follow through the routine ‘roster royale’ that unfolds in between major events. For the ESL PUBG Masters, the team picked up a pair of North American veterans in “Vegas” and “Meluke” to fill the team’s recently vacated spots. However, following ESL, the team would announce another pair of well-known players to compete alongside “Shinboi” and “Poonage”, who were coming off an incredible event and performance at PGI.S. One of the two players rounding out the roster would be none other than PUBG’s highly sought-after free agent, “Sparkingg”, who had just returned home from one of the best showings of his career at the esports’ biggest event to date. His performance leading up to and throughout PGI.S as a member of Meta Gaming made “Sparkingg” one of the most talked-about players throughout PUBG Esports, regardless of region. This immediately made Zenith Esports, who had just lost their IGL and leading fragger, a force to be reckoned with.

Departing a roster that he had already led through numerous PCS events, “HoneyBadger” was announced and completed the team’s roster for PCS4. The team’s remaining two members had already showcased their talent on PUBG’s biggest stage, so the addition of “HoneyBadger” and “Sparkingg” immediately grabbed the attention of fans and fellow competitors in the Americas region. Heading into the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals, Dignitas will field a roster with plenty of experience and firepower to keep pace with any other team in the lobby.

The current Dignitas roster:

  • Brent “Poonage” Mullany
  • Nolan “Shinboi” Burdick
  • Joe “HoneyBadger” Haylock
  • Pedro “Sparkingg” Miguel Ribeiro
  • Coach: Maxime “Znooper” Gony
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