by PUBG Esports

It has been brought to our attention that an underage player has been competing on another player’s account from team No Chance. These reports have been investigated and verified by PUBG Anti-Cheat Unit. Pursuant to the below rules, team No Chance has been disqualified from the PCS5 competition. Their slot in Grand Final will be filled by the next runner-up team (Sistematicos), and an additional team will be advanced to the LCQ (ÉosGURI).

  • Section 12.A. General Rules: The use of unapproved players or substitutes is strictly prohibited.
  • Section 12.B. Seeding/Slot Rules: Teams must maintain at least a minimum of 50% of their Core Players on their roster to keep their seed/slot for the next Americas event.
  • Section 13.C. Player Eligibility: Participants must be 18 years old, defined as having lived 18 full years, by the date of their first match.
  • SUPER 4.8 Ringing: Competitors shall not participate in any act of ringing. Ringing is defined as playing under another Competitor’s account.

In addition to the disqualification, all players involved will receive a competitive ban from PUBG Esports. The exact details of these bans will be finalized soon.

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