ESL Masters Phase 2 – Open Qualifiers Preview


by PUBG Esports

The next step for PUBG Esports in 2022 – ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2 –  is here. Sixteen teams who’ve competed in the PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas will face off against one another alongside 8 teams who prove themselves by fighting through an open bracket. It’ll be an epic month-long brawl where one champion emerges from the hills of Miramar and the forests of Erangel.

This next major PUBG tournament runs throughout July and can be broken down into five separate rounds. The festivities begin on Wednesday July 6th as 160 teams begin to battle through the open bracket. 

Here is the complete schedule so you can follow all the action. 

The first three 

  • Regional Qualifiers/Open Bracket 
    • Round 1 July 6th to 7th
    • Round 2  July 9th to 10th
    • Round 3  July 12th to 13th
  • Regional Playoffs:
    • Match Day 1 – Group A vs. Group B – Friday, July 15th
    • Match Day 2 – Group B vs. Group C – Saturday, July 16th
    • Match Day 3 – Group C vs. Group A – Sunday, July 17th
  • Grand Final:
    • July 22nd to 24th
    • July 29th to 31st

160 teams will begin the Regional Qualifiers but only eight will make it out and fight against the sixteen teams who qualified through PCS6 Americas. Those 24 squads will fight it out for a piece of the $50,000 prize pool. 

PGC Points

ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2 will also grant top teams with PGC Points to help them qualify for the PUBG Global Championship. 

Here are the point breakdowns for the top sixteen teams once the tournament comes to an end later this month. 

ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2 will be the second to last chance for teams to build up PGC Points before the PUBG Global Championship later this year. There is a 400 point boost from Phase 1, meaning the stakes in Phase 2 are raised considerably.

How to watch ESL PUBG Masters Americas

ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2 will be broadcast across multiple platforms. You can watch all the action play out on the official PUBG YouTube and Twitch channels. Games will also be broadcast on the ESL PUBG Page.

We’ll also have select community streams throughout the open qualifiers. Follow us for updates on our Twitter page for specific details on where to tune in. 

PUBG Esports has had a jam-packed year so far with incredible action at ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 1, the PUBG Nations Cup, and the PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas. The level of competition in the Americas has never been higher as the race to PGC continues this month. PUBG is proud to support some of the greatest fans and teams in esports, and we appreciate your continued dedication throughout the years. We have been blown away by the level of competition in the Americas thus far, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

We’ll be covering all the PUBG Esports Americas action all year round, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for more news, updates, and content. Best of luck to all the teams competing this month!

See you on the Battlegrounds!


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