ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final RECAP


by Himamshu Dabir

The ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final has come to an end. Weekend 2 was an intense 3 days of non-stop action that had the leaderboard shuffling every day. The teams played valiantly and it was close to the very end, but eUnited was crowned the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 1 Champion!

Day 4

Weekend 2 began with Shoot To Kill in first-place, Bing Bang Boom in second, and a three-way tie for third among Soniqs, Gascans, and eUnited. Only five points separated first and third place. eUnited chipped away at their point deficit with a 10 Kill Chicken Dinner to start Day 4 of the Grand Final.

With amazing placement in Match 3 and a Chicken Dinner in Match 4, Soniqs went on to take the top spot at the end of Day 4 with 162 Points. However, Just 2 Eazy prevented Soniqs from bolstering their lead with a well-placed throwable that took out two of their players early in Match 5, allowing Bing Bang Boom to keep their second-place spot, and trail Soniqs by a single point.

Day 5

eUnited, unhappy to still be in third place, starts another day with another 7 kill Chicken Dinner. It would have been 9, but Yaho’s Shinboi and Just 2 Easy’s k0DAk1d deny them the kills by giving themselves to the bluezone. This would become a pattern, as STK deny’s eUnited another 3 kills, but gives them the win in Match 4. However, despite everyone’s best efforts to deny them kills, eUnited would end the day in the top spot with Bing Bang Boom still in second, and Soniqs dropping to third.

Day 6

The first match of the last day began with a strong performance from The Rumblers who took the first match from eUnited with 8 kills. However, Match 2 is where eUnited really takes the game when they come in and clean up the chaos between Shoot To Kill, Nootropics, Gascans, and Soniqs for a 10 kill Chicken Dinner.

Shoot To Kill would go on to have amazing matches to close the gap in points. They ended Day 6 with a whopping 36 kills, 10 more than eUnited overall. But the lack of Chicken Dinners, and Dodge taking them out early in Match 5, kept them 5 points behind and ensured eUnited would take the Grand Final.

ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final Champions

Favored after their performance in the Regional Playoff, eUnited has become the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final Champion! In second place is Shoot To Kill, followed by Soniqs in Third. eUnited will be taking home $12,500 and 200 PGC Points. You can see all of the Prize Pool and PGC Point breakdowns below.

Congratulations to all of the teams, who all delivered amazing performances. The matches were an absolute thrill to watch and as we saw from the constantly changing leaderboard, it really could have been anybody’s game. But with ESL PUBG Masters Americas now over, it is time to go big and prepare for PUBG Continental Series 6 (PCS6). Round 1 of the PCS6 Open Qualifiers begins on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.


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