by Ty Brody

Well, that was an exciting start to the event! The ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final kicked off this past weekend with the first of two weekly series. Oath wrapped up their weekend atop the leaderboard with three Chicken Dinners, claiming the first-place prize pool for the opening week of play. The team secured their first of three Chicken Dinners in the opening match, setting the tone for what would be an impressive start to the Grand Final.

Along with the exciting three-day series of action, Week One of the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final produced a few unexpected results. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the absence of the Soniqs, a unanimous favorite heading into the event, who ultimately concluded their week in eighth place. There is plenty to cover before we jump back into action for Week Two, so let’s first brush up on the highlights from Week One!


Before we see some of the best moments from Week One, let’s take a look at the overall leaderboard after Day Three. Sitting on top is Oath, who won the final match of the week to secure their spot above the rest. Their final-match heroics earned the team top position and $6,500 USD towards the overall standings. Ultimately, the team that collects the most prize money is crowned champs of the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final.

Just behind Oath were A Creche and Fiumba, who both had an excellent weekend. Both teams collected a pair of Chicken Dinners and surprised viewers with their success in an the challenging lobby. Continuing down the leaderboard to round out our top-eight, Gascans, Dignitas, Team Veritas, and Trogloditas all deserved their spot on the left side of the board. They played well and collected important kills to position themselves above the others.

Locked into the final spot of the top-eight are the one team no one would have expected to finish there prior to the start of Week One. The Soniqs were unable to secure a single Chicken Dinner over the course of three days and twelve matches. It wasn’t for lack of trying, because the Soniqs led the entire lobby in kills, but just couldn’t secure a win. The team had two second-place finishes, which could have drastically improved their opening week experience. Heading into the second and final week, the Soniqs will have their work cut out for them in another twelve-match run to the finish line.


Oath fends off Dignitas and Fiumba to claim the first match of the week, getting a start towards first place early. In this Phase 9 circle, Oath played behind the smoke wall perfectly and began lobbing throwables. Already with the numbers advantage, the knocks from grenades and pressure from the closing zone allowed Oath to pick up the final kills and the Chicken Dinner. This match was a positive early sign for their performance throughout the weekend.

Excitement and anticipation were at an all-time high heading into the final match of Week One. Four teams were locked in a tie with two wins apiece, meaning that if any of the four could claim the final match they would walk away Week One champs. As we came down to the finals minutes of our last match, Oath and A Creche fought for first and 303 Esports were fighting to claim a top-eight position.


Most of the work done in this clip can be credited to Versus for the throwables landed onto Soniqs. Pushing uphill, the team knocks three of the Soniqs’ four members. The only problem, one of those knocks wasn’t TGLTN – who immediately avenged his fallen teammates. Waiting for their chance to strike, the Gascans moved uphill and caught Soniqs recovering from their exchange with Versus. One magazine and a grenade are all it took for the Gascans to secure their first of two consecutive Chicken Dinners.


In PUBG Esports, consistency is king, and A Creche produced an extremely solid series during Week One. The team won two matches and finished inside of the top four in more than half of the matches played. Their impressive play earned them second place and they went up against Oath for the first-place position in the final match of the week. The team’s strong showing during Week One places them on the radar as we head into the final week, where they’ll have a chance to finish strong and potentially claim the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final title.

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