ESL PUBG Masters Grand Final Analysis


by PUBG Esports

ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2 has officially come to an end. eUnited – the team that took home the trophy during Phase 1 earlier this year – held onto their lead in order to win another ESL Masters tournament. This four man squad conquered the competition in order to earn a chunk of the $50,000 prize pool and 300 PGC points. 

“Proud of the team, our playmaking and calling is better than it’s ever been,” said eUnited player Jake “Snakers” Winant. “We bounced back from some rough games at times too. Also GGs to [Soniqs], they were pretty consistent, looking forward to another 1v1 in PCS7.”

eUnited, made up of Snakers, Matt “Kickstart” Smith, Noah “Relo” Jenkins and Lachlan “Fludd” Thompson will look to defend their crown at PCS7 later this year. 

Let’s break down how this four man squad performed at ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2. 

Improvements on two fronts

eUnited earned 50 placement points and 90 kills through the first weekend of the Grand Final. That’s a tough performance to top, but eUnited was able to best themselves during the second weekend. This team earned 59 placement points and 95 kills through the second batch of 15 matches. 

Only Soniqs, a team that popped off in incredible fashion during the second weekend, managed to keep pace with eUnited. There were three matches that featured these two teams facing off against one another in the final circle. Two of those matches ended with Soniqs in first and eUnited in second. The lead Kickstart and company built during the first weekend was more than enough to help them secure the first place trophy, though. 

Other teams fell of a cliff

While eUnited and Soniqs excelled over the course of the second week, the majority of the other teams at the higher end of the leaderboard failed to keep pace. YAHO, Dodge and Bing Bang Boom all fell from the placements they earned during the first weekend of play. 

Soniqs level of performance could have netted them a victory if eUnited hadn’t put their foot on the gas. eUnited earned more kills during matches where they placed second than Soniqs did when they placed first. eUnited knew where their competition would come from and they did everything they could to keep hold of their lead.

This is a matchup we’re excited to see more up during the PUBG Continental Series 7 in September. 

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