by Ty Brody

eUnited has announced its return to PUBG Esports with their signing of The Rumblers, just in time for the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals starting on June 10th. The team’s current roster consists of Lari-Pekka “LosHD” Hopiavuori, Agron “Waldoe” Jashari, Alexander “Cherry” Eugene Penner, Keane “Valliate” Alonso, and their coach, Stephen “go_bang” Lemmons. Following a hard-fought journey through the Open Qualifiers, Group Stage, and Last Chance Qualifier, eUnited have secured the final spot in the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals.

eUnited is deeply excited to renter PUBG, we have a ton of synergy with the developer, player base, and community. Working with the Rumblers thus far has been exciting. The entire group is stand-out individuals with grade A personalities. eUnited is eager to grow their brands and support their journey to hoist a trophy.

– Matt Potthoff, GM & VP of Esports, eUnited

eUnited returns to the battlegrounds after a nearly two-year layoff following the team’s departure from the esport back in 2019. Now, they have signed one of the strongest teams in the region for another shot at PUBG Esports glory! This roster recently qualified for the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals, but their list of accomplishments and tournament appearances go all the way back to the 2019 PUBG Global Championship where they placed eighth amongst the greatest teams from around the world.

“The Rumblers have battled their way through the Open Qualifier, Group Stage, and Last Chance Qualifier to make their way to the PCS4 Americas Grand Final. Signing with eUnited was well deserved, and we’re excited to see just how far LosHD, Waldoe, Cherry, Valliate, and GoBang can go with this support.”

– Everett Coleman, Head of Esports, PUBG Americas

The team competed under various banners for the majority of 2020 but “LosHD” and “Waldoe” got the band back together for PCS3 North America and took sixth in the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, “Cherry” finished out last season playing for another squad, where he took fourth playing in the same lobby. The final member of eUnited’s new unit is someone that any longterm PUBG Esports fan will recognize. Enter, “Valliate”. After flirting with the idea of making his return to PUBG Esports towards the beginning of 2020, he dropped back into the battlegrounds with The Rumblers during the ESL PUBG Masters. Adding to the experience and talent already on this roster, “Valliate” brings experience competing internationally. Namely, from his time representing Team USA at the PUBG Nations Cup in 2019.

The Rumblers were just one of eight teams to advance to the PCS4 North America Group Stage through Open Qualifiers. After a long and challenging fight through the early rounds of this event, The Rumblers ultimately found themselves playing against many of their familiar foes in the PCS4 NA Group Stage. Unfortunately, the team missed the top-six cutoff for a direct invite to the Grand Finals, and narrowly avoided elimination from PCS4 altogether following their final shot in the Last Chance Qualifer. When it mattered most, that the team pulled together and played some of their best matches with their backs against the wall.

The current eUnited roster:

  • Lari-Pekka “LosHD” Hopiavuori
  • Agron “Waldoe” Jashari
  • Alexander “Cherry” Eugene Penner
  • Keane “Valliate” Alonso
  • Coach: Stephen “go_bang” Lemmons
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