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The first global PUBG Esports event in over a year has seen its final weekend. Over 130 matches, PUBG Esports crowned a new Championship team. The feelings are bittersweet, but there’s plenty of Esports action to come with PCS4, PCS5, leading up to PGC 2021, regional events, and more!

Did you think North America’s Soniqs would be the winner to take it all? Stay tuned to PUBG Esports for future announcements and plans.


If you didn’t catch the hype leading up to the concluding PGI.S Weekly Final online, Soniqs rose from the ashes to claim the first place prize earnings in PGI.S. Soniqs was 1st in the Rank Decision and the first team to secure a Weekly Survival opportunity-how fitting that hwinn, shrimzy, TGLTN, and M1ME take home the PGI.S trophy!

Even though Soniqs missed Weekly Final in Weeks 2 and 3, they kept the momentum steady throughout the tournament to over-perform in the last Weekly Final. For many fans, it was a sigh of relief. For others, it was a total shock to see an NA team take the global stage prize. In the end, Soniqs came out victorious and went home with over $1.2M of a total $7M in prize and crowdfunding-a record-breaking FPS Esports event!


A lot happened on the way to the top. Let’s recap the last half of PGI.S-all the insanity in between some of the most intense matches we’ve witnessed in PUBG Esports to date.


In our fourth set of Weekly Survival matches, stamina in teams seemed to be fading. PGI.S offered a new series of challenges each week and playstyles alternated between Weekly Survival and Weekly Finals. It was in Week 4 that 4 of the Top 5 prize ranking teams failed to secure their place in the upcoming Weekly Final. FaZe Clan, Shoot to Kill,, and Four Angry Men would lose control of their destiny when it seemed to be most important.

Teams to make it into Weekly Final Week 4 included META GAMING on Match 16, Gen.G, Afreeca Freecs, ENCE, T1, Tianba esports, Daytrade Gaming, Soniqs, Zenith, NAVI, Multi Circle Gaming, Oath, Team Liquid, infantry, DIgital Athletics, and others. The lobby may have missed key prize rank leaders, but teams were still positioned to score big and take advantage of the opportunity!


It was in Week 4 that we saw a new NA powerhouse, Zenith, take the spotlight. On Day 2, they scored 2 chicken dinners and performed memorable exchanges with Digital Athletics-leaving for a masterfully tactical game end. At the conclusion of the Weekly Final Week 4, Digital Athletics and Zenith rose through the ranks-breaking up FaZe Clan, Gen.G, and Four Angry Men’s lead. Daytrade Gaming, infantry, and Multi Circle Gaming found themselves in the Top 10 prize rank for the first time!


The pressure was mounting for teams in the penultimate Weekly Series for Weekly Survival Week 5.Multi Circle Gaming dropped 2,039 damage in Match 1, Digital Athletics’ Mitraleius solo-snaked past multiple teams for a Match 2 win, and META GAMING’s sparkingg held it down for Match 3.The Weekly Survival matches benefited 16 teams, but Zenith, FaZe Clan, Shoot to Kill, and Four Angry Men fell to the wayside heading to Bottom16.

In Week 5, over $300,000 was on standby for the first place prize winner.At 76 points on the Weekly Final leaderboard, Gen.G was 3 points ahead of #2 team META GAMING and 6 points ahead of #3 team infantry.


Gen.G put their money in the bank, reclaiming the top spot and finalizing $880,397 in earnings. META GAMING crept into the Top 3 while Digital Athletics held their coveted placement. Even as teams fell behind, Pick’Em Challenge support kept them afloat on the prize rank!


The most important Weekly Survival matches of PGI.S took place at the start of Weekly Series Week 6.Including crowd-funding, there was a whopping $1,000,000 on the line for whichever team took home the Weekly Final. For 16 teams, it was now or never. In Match 2, Oath landed a 17-kill game but was denied the win by a patient Gen.G Inonix in a 1v2!

Insane plays by pros like infantry LongSkr impressed the stands. LongSkr took on 2 teams in Match 6, presenting an insane standoff on the banks of Miramar. Oath came back on March 11 with a 14-kill WWCD-cementing all North American teams in the last Weekly Final of PGI.S!

The topic of conversation headed into Day 3-where are Europe’s teams? With only 2 games remaining in the Weekly Survival matches, FaZe Clan and Team Liquid brought Europe into the grand final weekend.

The final 16 teams took the Weekly Final Week 6 stage including Afreeca Freecs, Gen.G, and Oath-the only teams to participate in ALL Weekly Finals. Soniqs drew first blood in Match 1, foreshadowing what was to come. At the end of Day 1, Zenith, Soniqs, and Shoot to Kill were in the Top 3 followed by Team Liquid and T1.You heard that right!

With only 5 matches remaining, every kill and knock was crucial.T1 powered through the ranks, temporarily claiming 1st place in Match 6. infantry moved from 8th to 3rd in Match 7.Four Angry Men, after having started the day in 13th place, rose the ranks to 1st before Match 9.It was too close to call headed into the final PGI.S matches.

In Match 9, Gen.G and Soniqs fought for 1st and 2nd place. For Gen.G, the battle seemed to be lost-they sat in position #11 headed into the final match. For Soniqs, the 2nd place points and kills positioned them closely behind Four Angry Men ahead of Match 10.

It seemed as if Soniqs was in it for the kills in Match 10, working off of Four Angry Men’s early down and out. The lobby was decimated, leaving only Shoot to Kill and Multi Circle Gaming in the final two teams. Soniqs was seated at the top with 90 points and over $1M entering the bank account.



The Player Esports Player Stats (PEPS)  measures a player’s battle, strategy, and experience, comparing skills and playstyles to others in the lobby.

So, who out-performed all pros in the lobby during the Week 6 Weekly Final? Check it out:



A lot of PUBG Esports action had to take place over 6 weeks of matches. Hundreds if not thousands of damage points dealt, grenades thrown, headshots landed, and cars sent flying! We compiled the data and the numbers don’t lie-here are a few standout teams, players, and matches in PGI.S!

PGIS_Player Stats_Top5_Final_MaxTeamDamage-Magenta.png
PGIS_Player Stats_Top5_Final_MaxTeamKills-Magenta.pngPGIS_Player Stats_Top5_Final_AvgDamagePlayer-Magenta.pngPGIS_Player Stats_Top5_Final_GrenadeDamagePlayer-Magenta.pngPGIS_Player Stats_Top5_Final_MaxDamagePlayer-Magenta.pngPGIS_Player Stats_Top5_Week6_MaxKillsPlayer-Magenta.png

More PUBG Esports Action on the Way!

You joined us for Rank Decision, PGI.S Weekly Series 1-6, Survival Tournament, PGI.S Show, & more! Thank you for supporting your teams. We’re excited to take on the Road to PGC-highlighting more teams and players along the way.

Which teams not at PGI.S are you most excited to see drop into the battlegrounds? We’ll have to wait to find out! The next stop on our Road to PGC is PCS4! Which region are you excited to see compete?

Catch the PGI.S VODs and Stay Tuned for more updates:

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