by Ty Brody

The opening week of PCS2 North America Grand Final certainly set the foundation for an exciting series of matches in Week Two. Just eight games into the tournament, we’ve already witnessed numerous moments of greatness from several teams competing in the PCS2 Grand Final. With a third of the matches complete, the current leaderboard looks a bit different than many envisioned it would at this point in the Grand Final.

Looking over the first two days of action, Week One of the PCS2 Grand Final presented many exciting moments from North America’s best players – let’s take a look at some of the standouts from the first week of play.


I would like to apologize to the fans of Fabled who are likely experiencing minor symptoms of whiplash following the team’s impressive Week One outing in the PCS2 Grand Final. After narrowly escaping the PCS2 Group Stage, the very team that emerged from out of nowhere in the PCS1 Grand Final, have recreated their Grand Final magic to start the tournament with a thirteen-kill Chicken Dinner.

Taking full advantage of their fresh start in the Grand Final, Fabled could not have gotten off to a better start in Week One. While their roller-coaster-like performances have become a trademark of the team, improving their point production in matches following a win could carry them a long way during Week Two.


Week One of the Grand Final was littered with incredible team-fights and highlights from individual players, but one of my favorite strategies involves a four-man squad hopping out of vehicles to spontaneously fight another team. Commonly referred to as a “pull up”, Week One delivered a couple of these high-flying acts for our enjoyment courtesy of Carnage Gaming and DUEL.

Typically, moments such as these come at a time of desperation when the only remaining options are to either seat swap and begin spraying, or leap from the moving vehicle in hope of knocking an enemy player. However, they tend to lead to some of the most chaotic, yet entertaining fights across the battlegrounds.


Winners of the Charity Showdown and top contenders entering the PCS2 Grand Final, Oath Gaming arrived in style with their sixteen-kill victory in Match Six. The team came into Day Two with a top-three standing and fought to maintain their high-ground against Fabled, Any Trolls in Chat, and Soniqs for the better part of the day.

Oath quickly took control of the top spot following this massive win, but would ultimately close out the first week in second place. Much was made of this roster heading into PCS2 following the addition of “PATKAPS”, but I felt that the team was making calculated decisions throughout the opening week. The team’s play could come off as passive at times, but it was evident that Oath was thinking two steps ahead and was intentionally avoiding less-than-ideal encounters.


Communication, or synergy, between the team and their latest addition, “TGLTN”, appeared to improve as Week One of the Grand Final progressed. Soniqs made an early impression with their win in Match 2 of the opening day and wrapped up Week One with an impressive Match 8 performance on Friday. Collecting a generous number of kills throughout their play on Day 2 launched the team up the leaderboard. Their second-place finish in Week One’s closing match secured Soniqs the first-place position over Oath Gaming, setting up and an intriguing matchup between these two teams to kick off Week Two.

This clip, in particular, shows how confident Soniqs were playing by the end of the opening week. Prior to eliminating Team Veritas, Soniqs made excellent use of their utility in a mixture of grenades, Molotovs, and flashbangs to eliminate Oath Gaming. Their pressure onto Oath Gaming ultimately secured them the top spot to finish out Week One, but it also provided the team with a positive note to build upon moving forward. Soniqs now rests atop the leaderboard with a four-point edge over Oath entering Week Two of the Grand Final.

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