by Ty Brody

Week 2 carried us past the halfway mark of the PCS2 North America Grand Final, offering another compilation of memorable plays while simultaneously establishing a clear “leader of the pack”. The second week began and ended with Soniqs sitting atop the leaderboard, the most important difference being their extended lead over the second-place team. With just eight matches to be played, the fight to secure first-place has become even more intense as Shoot To Kill corrected course and possibly positioned themselves for another unbelievable finale to the Grand Final.


To say that Soniqs commanded a majority of the matches during Week 2 would be a massive understatement. The team immediately picked up where they left off with an important ten-kill win on Erangel to increase the first-place lead they began Week 2 with. One major component of the team’s success, and a standout player for their entire Week 2 performance, was the in-game leader for Soniqs, Hunter “hwinn” Winn.

Working as Soniq’s lone survivor in a late-game scenario on Erangel, hwinn survived multiple enemy arrivals to the doorstep of his building. In this particular clip, hwinn demonstrates the advantage created by the Flashbang throwable and collects two more points for his team.

Perhaps even more impressive than the first play was when he assisted Soniqs to their opening match victory to kick off Week 2. Finding each of the kills in quick succession, hwinn eliminates players as Soniqs takes Match 1 of the week with ten kills in tow.


Shortly after defending their position against Soniqs in Match 4, Oath Gaming set their sights on Comets who were caught out in the open by “Balefrost”. As he begins the engagement with two quick knocks, he allows his teammate “PAT_KAPS” to close the distance and rotate underneath.

Oath Gaming has experienced a somewhat up and down ride thus far in the PCS2 Grand Final, but when the team is compiling kills and running through rival squads, they start to resemble their Charity Showdown superiority. During their recent matches of the Grand Final, it has appeared as though Oath has acclimated to their recent roster change in “PAT_KAPS”, who stepped in for their former IGL.


During a late-game scenario such as this one, DUEL has very few options to make it into the next zone. They’re taking shots from what feels like every imaginable direction, and are aware of a team gate-keeping them directly ahead. DUEL forms a smoke wall and begin marching toward the zone while “ZrayGOD” from Carnage Gaming flanks their position and springs from behind.

DUEL manage to survive this maneuver due to the quick response from “DannyG”, but it doesn’t take away from a great set-up and execution from Carnage and “ZrayGod”.


Since a much needed and long overdue nerf to Grenades in Patch 6.2, we haven’t witnessed as many “KOBE!” moments as before. Thankfully, the current meta is chock-full of exciting plays that feature the complete arsenal of throwables. During Day One of Week Two, “KnorkiS” landed an exciting rainbow grenade on “Uncivil” from Shoot To Kill.

Ultimately, Shoot To Kill was able to pick up one of their fallen brothers and can smile down upon ATC from their current Grand Final standing.

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