by Ty Brody

The second Weekly Survival of PGI.S demonstrated the tremendous parity at this event. Last week, the Soniqs won the opening match and moved directly into the Weekly Final. However, this time around they were unable to secure a Chicken Dinner in sixteen games and will now play in the Bottom 16 matches. Meanwhile, GEX entered the lobby at Match 14 with only two opportunities to secure their spot and they found a way to manufacture a win and advance into the Weekly Final. Up and down the leaderboard there are teams capable of dominating the lobby over a series of matches. Though during the survival matches, teams just need everything to come together in a single round.

We knew the format of PGI.S had the potential to be brutal for some teams. Throughout Weekly Survival #2, we watched teams collect large sums of kills and continually place in second or third, which in any other PUBG Esports event, would make them a contender for the first-place position. However, at PGI.S, the biggest priority for every team must be a Chicken Dinner. The sixteen teams who managed to secure a win will be playing in the Weekly Final on Saturday and Sunday.


The Weekly Survival matches that determined the final’s lobby produced some intense fights between teams who were striving to capture the win. We saw impressive performances from Virtus.pro, Buriram United Esports, and Zenith Esports as they fought for their spot in the final. Throughout the week, we were reminded of the incredibly talented teams and players competing for their share of the massive prize pool.

As the number of vacant spots gets lower, you realize how many great teams have yet to secure their spot in the Weekly Final. Heading into the last match of the week, KIA DAMWON, Soniqs, and FaZe Clan had yet to advance. All three of these fan-favorites will miss out on Weekly Final #2 and get their next shot in Weekly Survival #3, beginning on Tuesday!

Winners of the first Weekly Final Afreeca Freecs earned their spot in dramatic fashion against TSM during Match 7. “Akad” took complete control of this late-game zone and singlehandedly took care of TSM to advance his team into the weekend’s final. AF is playing on another level right now and this highlight is just one of many they’ll produce over the next couple of weeks. If you’re sitting on a voting coupon and unsure of which team to cast it for, do yourself a favor and pick Afreeca Freecs to place inside the top-four this weekend.

The performance from Virtus.pro and Buriram United Esports warrant mention for their consistency throughout the Weekly Survival. Both teams secured their spot in the Final but played great in the matches they couldn’t win. The most valuable players from each of these teams would be “Conaxy” for BRU, and “spyrro” for VP. Both played incredibly well and were major factors in the wins that advanced their team.

As I mentioned at the start, six teams were unable to win a match in sixteen attempts, missing out on the second Weekly Final. This includes FaZe Clan, Soniqs, and TSM. Three teams fans are expecting to see fight for the big money on weekends will now be playing in the Bottom 16 matches to determine their rank for Weekly Survival #3. It’s unfortunate for them and their fans, but it opens the door for six other teams deserving of a chance to play in the Weekly Final.


Our sixteen winners are preparing to fight over the weekend in a best-of-ten showdown that awards the top-four teams with some attractive prize money. The Weekly Final #2 will feature six new teams that missed out on the final last week, while the other ten teams are two-for-two on trips to the weekend’s final. There is a lot of money riding on these ten matches, and the sixteen teams are all well-aware that only a top-four placement matters. As we approach the latter matches of this final, pay attention to the number of desperate plays as teams hope to collect as many points as possible.

Considering their performance over the first two weeks of play, I believe Afreeca Freecs and Shoot To Kill are the teams to beat. They were the top two teams from the first weekly final, and they’re back to collect more prize money. Both teams are extremely well-rounded and look prepared to take on any team they cross paths with.

Buriram United Esports is one of the new teams entering the final’s lobby this weekend and I feel they’re poised for a big showing. After some incredible matches where they came up just short, Buriram’s top-fragger “Conaxy” clutched a two-versus-one to advance his team into the final.

Their play throughout the Weekly Survival has set them up for a big weekend where kills and top-eight placements matter. If the top-spot isn’t occupied by Shoot To Kill or Afreeca Freecs, I like the odds that Buriram United Esports will be the team sitting atop the leadeboard.

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