by Ty Brody

The PCS3 Grand Final exceeded all of our expectations as the most competitive event of the season. Out in front, the Soniqs defended their first-place position for the majority of the tournament and ultimately claimed back-to-back PCS Championships. The team played some of their best games down the stretch as they reinforced their status as North America’s strongest squad.

We had the pleasure of asking the team’s Coach, Sean “Syllogic” Yi a couple of questions about the team’s PCS3 journey, their talented roster, and what it felt like to win consecutive PCS titles.

Coming off the team’s dominant victory in the PCS2 NA Grand Final, what was the team’s mentality heading into what was considered to be the most competitive event of the year?

Sean ‘Syllogic’ Yi: Our mentality was always that we are the best and we can only beat ourselves. We strived for consistency & excelled in practice, which built confidence & gave us results come match time.

Leading up to the PCS3 NA Grand Final, was there an area of the team’s game in particular that you focused on during scrims, practice, or VOD review?

Sean ‘Syllogic’ Yi: We focused on improving our communication and micro as a unit & basically just playing off each other better and being well-disciplined.

Closing out Week 1 of the Grand Final with a 32 point first-place lead, how important is a strong start in a 24-match tournament?

Syllogic: Week 1 sets the tempo. You obviously want to start the tournament inside the top-three because momentum is huge in PUBG Esports.

What was the biggest hurdle or challenge this team faced during the PCS3 NA Grand Final? Did the team run into any down days, or was the energy sustained throughout the tournament?

Syllogic: I’d say the last two days of the tournament was our biggest challenge. We knew the Guadalajara Gascans had the potential to catch us in points. We played a bit too anxiously at first but loosened up once we realized we play better in our own element.

How does it feel to win back-to-back PCS NA Championships? What makes this team so effective and what’s the ceiling for this roster?

Syllogic: It feels really good. These are my first tournament championships since I started competing in PUBG three years ago. The ceiling for this roster is insane and I hope we show that in an international stacked lobby.

“TGLTN” was PUBG Esports’ highest-rated North American player in the “PEPS+” system for PCS2 and PCS3. We’ve all seen the incredible highlights, but what makes “TGLTN” such a great player and teammate?

Syllogic: “TGLTN” is very level headed and well-rounded. His communication is really good, he gives solid advice, and his drive to win brings confidence to the entire team.

What was your favorite moment of the entire PCS3 NA Grand Final?

Syllogic: My favorite moment was definitely the 4v4v4 between us, Oath Gaming, and DUEL in the final zone near “Cruz del Valle” on Miramar. We pushed Oath and exchanged about thirty stun grenades before finally wiping them.

With the PCS3 NA Grand Final behind you, what is the team looking forward to now?

Syllogic: We are looking forward to competing against the best teams in the world and showing why we are the 2 time Champs.

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