by Ty Brody

Heading into the PCS4 Americas Grand Final following their recent signing, Spacestation Gaming has one of the region’s strongest rosters and hopes to claim their first PCS title since forming the five-man team. In their brief run since the conclusion of the PUBG Global Invitational.S, Spacestation Gaming (Spicy Fish) has settled itself comfortably into the top-five of the Americas and is aiming to overtake the top during PCS4 Grand Finals.

The team assembled one of the most experienced rosters in the region and has a former player with his own experience calling shots behind the scenes. Together, this Spacestation Gaming roster appears to have all of the bases covered with an opportunity to place SSG at the top of the regional rankings. There aren’t too many teams with comparable firepower and accumulative in-game knowledge, making them one of the favorites as they enter the PCS4 Americas Grand Final.

We had the pleasure of asking the team a couple of questions prior to their debut as Spacestation Gaming in the PCS4 America Grand Final. Here is what the squad had to say about their play since forming, the team’s strong mentality, and what it meant to sign with SSG.

Assembling shortly after PGI.S, this roster immediately gained the recognition of the fans and your fellow competitors. What made this four-man lineup the right fit? How has the team developed since getting together back in March?

Woo1y: The team already had a lot of high-level experience and really similar mindsets on improving and working as a unit. Something that helped the team early on was a similar mindset on how we wanted to play the game. We had a lot of discussions to make sure we were on the same page as a team, this helped us avoid the problems that usually plague “newer” teams. Everyone on the team respects one another and their individual ideas. No one on the team is above one another and we all put in the work to be the best every day. The team has definitely grown a lot with their chemistry and improving areas where we weren’t as strong a few months ago.

A month ago you placed second in the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final, the team’s first official event together. This strengthened the expectations that already surrounded this roster. How do you think that event prepared this team for PCS4 and what were the team’s biggest takeaways?

Woo1y: We learned two main things in ESL: that we could come back from a slow start, and that we could consistently close out games. For the first one, we started off the tournament with an eight-point day, which seemed like a huge blow after winning the Group Stage. But the guys were able to bring it back and finish in second place.

I feel that a lot of teams, being a new roster like us, would have let this defeat them. PUBG is about having a strong mentality and moving into the next set of games, no matter what the score is.

The second thing is that we didn’t win a game during the Group Stage, and Sharp’s 1v4 clutch was our first win as a team. We closed out two games on the last day to achieve second place. We’re really confident we’ll be able to close out more games in PCS4.

Looking at the rest of the PCS4 Americas Grand Final lobby, what do you think sets Spacestation Gaming apart from the rest?

Woo1y: We’re a really versatile and adaptive team to new situations and lobbies. Everyone on our team can see important plays that need to be made and trust one another to make the right one. It’s a really great aspect of our team because we don’t rely on one or a few people to do everything which allows us to maximize our opportunities.

The entire roster has found success while playing under the banners of other teams, including your coach Woo1y. How important is his role, and how’s he helped the team prepare for this Grand Final and future events?

Roth: Woo1y has been an amazing aspect of this roster that was initially a wildcard. He has never coached before and he came out of the gate with a lot of intensity and a desire to make sure this team is nothing short of spectacular. He goes above and beyond every day and constantly is reminding us of our end goal and what we need to do each day to accomplish that. We wouldn’t be where we are without Big Wool.

Spacestation Gaming comfortably sits within the top five of PUBG Esports Americas, but a format change will affect each team differently. How has the team prepared for the Most Chicken format? And how do you think the team will adapt its playstyle?

Keenan: The change in format plays to our strengths as a team. We have a very strong core of experienced players who understand the fundamentals required to win games consistently. Our playstyle won’t change too much, but we may have to tone back our aggressive tendencies in the late game, just a little bit.

Are there any teams, in particular, that you’re the most excited about running into during the PCS4 Americas Grand Final? Perhaps a team you’d like to personally knock out each round?

SSG: Dignitas, TSM, Soniqs, or Wildcard. There’s nothing like knocking out your old team and org.

What does signing with a team such as Spacestation Gaming mean for this squad?

Keenan: It’s very exciting to be a part of an amazing organization like Spacestation Gaming. We’ve worked very hard to get here and are all extremely happy to have this opportunity. The support from everyone at Spacestation provides us with further fuel and motivation to prove we can be the best team in North America, and someday the best in the world. Our fans, from Spicy Fish, and now Spacestation Gaming, mean a lot to us. Having consistent support, from Twitch chat, or even in our Discord server, means the world. Spacestation Gaming coming back to PUBG is very exciting for the future of our team and the whole region of North American PUBG.

Is there anything else you’d like to add or say to the fans?

Keenan: Thank you so much to all of the fans. From friends and family to Twitch viewers, all the continued support means the world to us and allows us to follow our dreams. Shout-out to Woo1y’s Mema as well, her daily tweets on game days fire us up. We’re gonna continue to grind and give it our all, and we’re excited to have everyone along for the ride.

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