by Ty Brody

It’s been proven time and time again – experience playing in the biggest events, against the best competition, in the most critical moments, remains paramount. eUnited will drop into the PCS4 Americas Grand Final as one of the most experienced teams in our championship lobby. The list of achievements, as a team and as individual players, is only rivaled by a handful of their opponents in this Grand Final. Now playing under the eUnited banner, this roster aims to complete the ultimate run. Open Qualifiers to PCS4 Champions.

The team’s toughest matches still lay ahead, but their coming into the Grand Final with a strong mentality following a tough road to this point of the series. We had the pleasure of asking Keane “Valliate” Alonso about the team’s journey to the finals and what it means for the teams to be signed by eUnited.

You can catch the team in action on June 10th when Day 1 of the PCS4 Americas Grand Final commence.

While some of the team has played together in the past, as a recently formed squad, what have been some of the toughest “growing pains” and how have you managed them?

Valliate: The toughest growing pain for any new team is chemistry and sorting those things out. Like who plays what role, and who should play with who. For us, it’s just been the basic things that new teams go through once they’re out of the honeymoon phase. But I feel we have addressed that since forming the team and are constantly making drastic improvements that clearly show in our gameplay.

Having fought your way to the Grand Final through Open Qualifiers, what do you think that says about this roster’s character and your chances in the final?

Valliate: I think fighting through the Open Qualifiers was a great learning experience for this team, especially since we’re a fairly new four-man squad. It says a lot about the team’s mentality coming all the way from open qualifiers because it was multiple weeks of back-to-back qualifications – which can be draining for a lot of players.

As for our chances in the finals; I think our team has a tremendous shot at winning PCS4 considering our journey through open quals and all of the practice we’ve had since the start of this series. The qualification process helped our team work out a ton of ‘new team’ kinks, allowing us to grow at a more rapid pace.

What does it mean to you and the team to sign with an org such as eUnited prior to the Grand Final? How excited were you as it came to fruition? (thoughts on the signing)

Valliate: Signing with an org such as eUnited means a ton, especially prior to the Grand Final. Not only for their support, which allows us to solely focus on the game, but it’s also something to look forward to as our careers continue to grow within PUBG. It’s a very inspiring thing for any player to have an org standing behind you. Their support also allows us to build a name or brand and take our careers to the next level.

Obviously, we were extremely excited when it came to fruition due to the amazing things we’ve heard from players who have worked with them in the past. We know they have our back, and when it comes to performing on the battlegrounds, we have theirs.

Pick one trait that the fans, and your opponents, don’t know about eUnited that you’re excited to showcase in the finals?

Valliate: We are excited to showcase our strategic approach to PUBG in the Grand Final. The Rumblers have always been known for their willingness to rumble, we’re a team that’s always looking for a fight. The way we are approaching the game is more methodical, which lends itself very well to the ‘Most Chickens’ format. That said, we’re not scared to scrap with anyone whatsoever.

When looking at the lobby for the PCS4 Americas Grand Final, what do you think sets eUnited apart from the rest?

Valliate: I think the main thing that sets this team apart from the competition is the way we see that game as it stands right now. Once we work out the ‘new team’ chemistry, we’re a team that’s going to skyrocket in terms of performance. We’re just on the brink of it.

How do you think the team will adapt to the ‘Most Chickens’ format in this Grand Final? What strengths or areas of the team’s game make you confident that you’ll come out on top?

Valliate: Our team will and already has adapted to the ‘Most Chickens’ format for this Grand Final. I feel the playstyle we are implementing lends itself to this format and we are excited to perform when the games begin on June 10th.

Fill in the blank: eUnited will win the PCS4 Americas Grand Final if they’re able to ____.

Valliate: Get past the greatest competition which is ourselves. Once we get past the problems we create for ourselves, this team will be able to do and compete with anyone in the game easily.

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