by Ty Brody

It’s time to update our regional Power Rankings as Phase 2 of the ESL PUBG Masters Americas is set to get underway. Open Qualifiers will promote eight teams to the Group Stage, where the region’s biggest names await their next challenge. Before we travel too deep into this event, let’s make a revision to our rankings and sort out the first six months of this season.

Our Midseason Power Rankings will be divided up into three parts and feature eight teams to form our top-twenty-four. These rankings have been prepared prior to the ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2 and were generated using the roster and player information available.

 24. NOKAP

It’s tough to place this roster at No.24 but it’s only fair considering their recent results and the teams that lie ahead. All four players; Men0xx, Retaliative, Addit, and Ciggzy are highly skilled players with the potential to outperform many of the teams on our list. We won’t get to see this roster compete together until the Group Stage, where we’ll learn a lot about how this four-man unit stacks up against the rest.


An exciting team worth keeping an eye on during the ESL PUBG Masters NA Group Stage, Eternity returns all four members from their PCS4 campaign. Long-time teammates Joombie and Steele will play alongside the veteran North Americans Vexyl and Soup. Ideally, the team applies everything they’ve learned while playing together in the previous round and excels during ESL.


Their final standing didn’t entirely reflect the team’s strong performance during the Americas Grand Final of ESL PUBG Masters Phase 1. Inxeque Team displayed moments of greatness during that event but were unable to collect the necessary points to succeed against the region’s best. I grew into a massive fan of the team’s leader ‘Selfish’ during this event for his reliability and calm demeanor during post-match interviews. Alongside ‘BRUT0S1’ from their ESL PUBG Masters Phase 1 roster, the team welcomed aboard two new members, Haveen and Kartt.


A brief hiatus kept the Young Kings banner from flying during PCS4 but they’ve returned with a new roster for the ESL PUBG Masters LATAM Group Stage. zFluxxx and YKuz most recently played in the PCS4 Group Stage and Last Chance Qualifier as one-half of Team Mystery. Now, they’ll join And1FPS and Pablex in the upcoming Group Stage. Members of the team showed promise while competing in PCS4, and you have to credit the knowledge and expertise offered by And1FPS. The level of in-game synergy between the team remains unknown, but there are enough reasons to expect a strong showing from YK.


Despite the team’s lackluster result to PCS4, I just can’t look past this roster. I’ll continue to be a massive believer in the lineup T8 has assembled for a couple of reasons. Their IGL ‘SteeZybb’ carries excellent preparation into the game as someone with a true understanding of his role on the team. ‘Weum00’ has gradually emerged as one of T8’s leading fraggers and has contributed greatly to the team’s success. They’re a talented group that has stuck together and faced the toughest teams in their region. If there was ever a time for it all to come together and pay off on the battlegrounds, I’m hoping it’s during the ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2 Group Stage.


Marcelek, Melon, and KnorkiS have returned with Supernova to form the team’s ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2 roster. The team has found success to varying degrees over the last season, but this roster could prove effective with the addition of Supernova coming over from Fabled. It wasn’t too long ago we were talking about the dynamic duo of Marcelek and KnorkiS.


Following the departure of mykLe, I have a subtle feeling of uncertainty surrounding Team Veritas heading into this event. The obvious hurdle is the production the team will miss in his absence. MykLe’s contributions to the team are well documented and now the team is tasked with filling that role. There’s one player I believe slots in great with this team, but I don’t want to spoil any announcements. Adding to the difficulty, Team Veritas is going to need someone as talented and experienced, if not more, if there’s any hope of this team improving beyond recent showings.


Just2Easy barely came up short twice during PCS4. During the LATAM Group Stage, the team missed out on a direct advance to the Americas Final by a single point. Then during the Last Chance Qualifier, the team missed the top-four placement required to advance by just eight points. Ragnaldinho, RiboxD, kODAk1d, and Pand4e have established themselves as some of the best players in LATAM and the Americas region. The team’s experience should help carry this talented roster late into ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2.


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