by Ty Brody

The third and final week of the PCS3 NA Grand Final is just one day away! Our sixteen teams have battled without mercy over the past two weeks spanning sixteen matches to determine which squad is PUBG Esports’ best in North America. Throughout our journey to Week 3 of the Grand Final, the action has produced countless highlights as teams fight for their position on the PCS3 overall leaderboard.

Our Week 3 Power Rankings will represent teams’ momentum based on recent play as we head into the final week of the PCS3 NA Grand Final. These rankings have and will continue to be a subjective view of how the team’s performed over the past week. Let’s take a closer look at how each squad sits entering the final eight matches of the tournament.

 1. Soniqs


The team in second place may have outscored them during Week 2, but that isn’t enough to downgrade the Soniqs from the top spot on our Week 3Power Rankings. Following yet another impressive performance this past week, the Soniqs appear eager to claim their second consecutive PCS title of the year.

 2. Guadalajara Gascans


Our ‘Week 2 Power Ranking’ had the Gascans listed at number two following the opening week of action where they proved to be a team worthy of a spot towards the top of our Grand Final leaderboard. Coming off the team’s best performance of the Grand Final, the Guadalajara Gascans have positioned themselves within reach of the first-place Soniqs with only eight matches left to be played. We’ve seen excellent team play and individual highlights throughout the first two weeks of the Grand Final, but now the team finds themselves just twenty-five points outside of first place with only one week to pull off an upset.

 3. Oath


Oath kicked off Day 4 with a pair of back-to-back wins on Erangel that scored the team 41 of their 46 points for the day. A trend we’ve seen play out over the first two weeks of the Grand Final is Oath putting up two great matches but following them up with two average games. It’s no secret that this team has the firepower to trade with anyone in the lobby, but the consistency from match to match has prevented Oath from fighting for the first-place position in Week 3.

 4. DUEL


DUEL led off Week 2 with a thirteen-point win that would ultimately highlight the team’s most recent eight matches. Even with the team’s difficult finish to the week on Day Four, DUEL pulled together 54 points to settle into the four-place position as we approach the penultimate day. The team played extremely balanced over Week 2 with contributions coming from all four members.

 5. Zenith Esports


On pace for another top-five placement this year, Zenith Esports has the potential to sneak into the top-three if the team’s best performance of the Grand Final is in front of them. We saw the team’s latest additions make plays during Week 2 and the four have gradually begun to look like a cohesive unit with a ton of individual talent on the roster. Week 3 could be when everything comes together for Zenith Esports.

 6. Dodge


Dodge was one of the most consistent teams in the Group Stage and has maintained that during the PCS3 NA Grand Final. The team relied heavily on kill points during Week 2 and was unable to find any significant placement points in their last eight matches. Good teams will take what they’re given and Dodge has made the most of the hurdles thrown their way, but they’re going to need a win or higher placements to pair with the kills during Week 3 if we want to see the team hold onto a top-five spot.

 7. Shoot To Kill


Following the team’s slow yet steady start to Week 1, it was natural to assume Shoot To Kill would bounce back in a dominant fashion in Week 2. Well, the team collected another 44 points this past week to add to the 48 collected during the opening week. This may not be exactly where we pictured STK sitting heading into the final eight matches of the tournament, but it isn’t over for our PCS1 NA Champions. This is a team with exceptional leadership and coaching, experience playing with everything on the line, and a proven capability to recover when others are counting them out. Shoot To Kill may not win the PCS3 NA Grand Final, but they’re certainly not going to roll over for anyone in Week Three.

 8. Any Trolls In Chat


Day Four was the first sighting of the ATC we expected to see throughout the PCS3 NA Grand Final. The team has slowly gotten better as the tournament has progressed, though they have yet to win their first match of the event. If ATC can continue finding kill points and secure the first Chicken Dinner of the Grand Final during Week 3, I like ATC to place within the top-eight.

 9. The Rumblers


Included in a group they’d prefer not to be, The Rumblers were one of two teams to post a single-digit point total on both days during Week 2. The Rumblers only managed to collect seven points to close out their Week 2 campaign. Despite the tough finish in the previous week, The Rumblers are still sitting in eight-place with time to go on a run for a top-five finish.

 10. Illusion


Illusion heads into the third and final week of the Grand Final in eleventh after putting together the team’s best performance of the final on Day Four. If the team continues playing the way they did to close out Week 2, Illusion could be on their way to a top-ten finish.

 11. Comets


They may be in 14th place to begin Week 3 but they’re also only four points from jumping up three spots in the standings. With the help of “Vegas” and “Lataa” the Comets could make a run to close out the PCS3 NA Grand Final inside the top-ten, above many teams who are currently ranked higher than the team.

 12. Team Veritas


Team Veritas finished Week 1 in second place but it was largely in part to the team’s impressive opening day to the Grand Final. That prompted us to rank them at #5 on our Week 2 Power Rankings but the team dropped even further down into Ninth. With only eight matches to make up the ground, Team Veritas will need to replicate their Day One performance when they had us talking about this team as the one to dethrone the Soniqs.

 13. Houston Hardshifts


I’m not a fan of placing the Houston Hardshifts this low on our Week 2 Power Rankings, but unfortunately, this is the Hardshifts we’ve witnessed since the Grand Final began. Entering the PCS3 NA Grand Final, I had greater expectations for this team who I believe has the potential to be a top-three team in our region. That said, they’ve struggled thus far and are running out of matches to make a statement during the PCS3 NA Grand Final.

 14. Fabled


After closing out Week 1 with an 18-point win on Erangel, Fabled came into Week 2 sitting in eighth place. That would have been a great place for the team to resume playing in a similar fashion as the way the team left off, however, Fabled reverted back to their first seven matches of the Grand Final, which was an average start to the tournament ultimately erased by the victory during Match 8. With just eight matches remaining to compile as many points as possible, Fabled may have a hard time surpassing teams such as the Houston Hardshifts and Team Veritas in the PCS3 NA Grand Final standings.

 15. One Eye Open


We saw improvement from One Eye Open as the team matched their opening week point total through the first four matches of Week 2. Unfortunately, the team struggled on Day 4 but still managed to see an increase from their Week 1 point total. While outscoring four of their PCS3 competitors over Week 2’s eight matches, the team also found their first top-three placement of the Grand Final with seven kills. Heading into the final week of the Grand Final, One Eye Open could take another important step in their development and place themselves above a couple of teams like the Comets and Houston Hardshifts. Two squads that few would have predicted to be ranked beneath 1i prior to the start of this tournament.

 16. Tactical8


For Tactical8 and their fans, Week 2 was one to forget. The team picked up ten points over eight matches, all of which were collected from kills. Placement points to match those kills could go a long way in hopes of climbing out of the bottom of our leaderboard during Week 3. The team doesn’t have much time to make it happen, but if they play well enough, they’re still within reach of a top-ten placement.

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