by Ty Brody

Week 2’s action-packed matches reshaped the overall leaderboard as we crossed the halfway point of the PCS3 NA Grand Final. Heading into the third and final week of the tournament, the battle for first-place has centered on the top of our leaderboard. Only eight matches remain unplayed with the Soniqs, Guadalajara Gascans, and Oath Gaming on top fighting to claim the PCS3 Championship. 

The action shuffled our Week 1 leaderboard as teams rose and fell during the eight matches across Thursday and Friday. Soniqs still occupy the first-place position, but the Guadalajara Gascans certainly made things interesting after their outstanding performance placed them in second trailing the Soniqs by 25 points. That’s a reasonable lead for Soniqs as they head into the final week of the Grand Final, but it isn’t insurmountable, especially for those on the Gascans’ roster who are playing their best PUBG as of late.


The Guadalajara Gascans had a solid Week 1 to open up their PCS3 NA Grand Final journey, but the team reached another level during Week 2. Ascending from their fifth-place position after the opening week’s eight matches, the Gascans managed to collect 106 points which landed them the second-place position heading into the third and final week of action.

An overall consistent stretch of games helped the team find their place towards the top of the leaderboard, but they’re going to need their best performance yet to overtake the Soniqs in Week 3. The Gascans played very well during Week 2 but only outscored the first-place team by thirteen points. With the current deficit at twenty-five, this means Gascans are going to need a great Week 3 outing and hope the Soniqs limb their way to the finish line.

One of the most notable trends about this team during Week 2 was their ability to lean on “Honeybadger” during crucial late-game team fights. Numerous times throughout the eight matches his team trusted him to take the point and help facilitate a win for the team. I love how this team is currently playing as a unit and think they’ll give Soniqs a run for the top spot this week.


Soniqs continue to demonstrate why they’ve been the team to beat in the two most recent PCS NA Grand Finals. We’ve talked at length about the team’s individual talent and their ability to almost always set themselves up to dominate the late-game with four players standing. And to be clear, it hasn’t got any less impressive despite watching it week in and week out. The team is one of the most well-rounded squads we’ve seen in North America and I can only imagine what teams they would run through on the international level. I mean just take a look at a couple of the team’s ridiculous moments from Week 2.

This play from “TGLTN” was almost expected. Not because anyone would typically pull that off, but because it’s “TGLTN” and those are the kind of plays that have established him as the region’s poster boy. Late game clutches, seat-swap double kills, you name it, he’s going to pull it off in a lobby against the best players this region has to offer. 

And one of the reasons the Soniqs are so dangerous is that it isn’t just “TGLTN” teams have to worry about. We have already seen remarkable performances from “Shrimzy”, “M1ME”, and “HWINN” during this Grand Final. This team is a juggernaut and they’ll have the chance to win back-to-back PCS titles on Friday.


We saw a more aggressive Oath during Week 2 and it translated to an increase in points on the PCS3 Grand Final leaderboard. Similar to the two teams above Oath in the standings, the team was able to claim two victories on back-to-back matches during Week 2. The pair of wins has restored my outlook on this team heading into Week 3 after pulling within twenty-seven points of the Guadalajara Gascans in second place.

After winning the opening match of the PCS3 NA Grand Final, Oath placed second in three matches before winning their back-to-back matches in Week 2. They also had five matches with four points or less over that stretch which is something the team will need to avoid if they hope to catch the Gascans during Week 3.

We’ve seen how great Oath is capable of playing when the entire team is still standing. “Relo” and “Snakers” are constantly a threat to nearby enemies but they’re even more effective when “PATKAPS” and “Balefrost” are there to play their role in the team fight. I like a lot of what Oath did over Week 2 and it’s reassuring to see another of our former “Big Three” at the top of the leaderboard following sixteen matches.


Zenith Esports could be making a run in the later stages of this event, following the team’s impressive Week 2 outing. The team’s highest placement during Week 1 was sixth and relied heavily on points via kills through the first eight matches of the tournament. During Week 2, Zenith collected ten kills in a third-place match and also found their first Chicken Dinner of the tournament with eight kills in Match 11.

We knew this team had a relatively new roster entering the Grand Final, but they’ve still managed to keep themselves in the race for yet another top-five placement. One of the team’s Week 2 highlights featured one of their newest members “Shinboi”, who reigned down from the high ground on Miramar as the team took fourth place after harassing the entire lobby from above.

Week 2 could play a major role in the team’s confidence as we head into Week 3, where they’ll be fighting beside Dodge, Shoot To Kill, and DUEL for potential top-four placement.

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