by Ty Brody

Week 3 marked the end of the PCS3 North America Group Stage as the final fifteen matches determined who would advance into the Grand Final, and which teams will return for the NA Challengers Cup.

The final week of the Group Stage was important for teams in close proximity of the cut-off line, or “on the bubble” to qualify for the Grand Final. Fights for position amongst these teams took center stage over the final week of action, as the window of opportunity steadily closed for teams aiming to place within the top-sixteen. Meanwhile, the top of our leaderboard enjoyed the peace of mind that’s been produced thanks to their hard work over the two weeks prior. Week Three delivered another series of excellent PUBG Esports action that we’re eager to see throughout the PCS3 Grand Final!


Soniqs remained in a comfortable position for the majority of the PCS3 Group Stage while delivering some of the most impressive highlights from this stage of the tournament. HWINN continued this theme during Week Three as you’ll see in this clip against three* members of Gravity.

This play was a highlight before HWINN even fired a bullet, and that’s because he’s using the SCAR-L. Everyone knows that since Patch 7.2 we’ve been watching Playerunknown’s BERYLgrounds, which is why the SCAR being featured in this Week 3 highlight was the initial surprise of the clip.

On the play itself, HWINN does an excellent job of tracking each member from Gravity. He’s able to take three individual one-on-one fights against the three enemy players, and with a little help from Liberate on the final member, he manages to collect three additional points for Soniqs. Two points from the kills, and a placement point for making it into the top eight.


It seems like each week we see another highlight involving a vehicle, whether it be an impressive seat-swap or a high-speed crash onto a compound. This week, we got a rare one from “DirtyZinn” of Pros Don’t Snake who found two members of Tactical 8 directly in front of his Dacia.

“DirtyZinn” and PDS were looking for a spot to call home in this Phase 2 zone when they happened to, quite literally, run into Tactical 8 on the backside of Mylta Power. He was quickly the final player standing for PDS and never escaped the warehouse his team crashed into, but the double roadkill is still worthy of its spot in our Week Three highlights!


Clashes between Oath and Soniqs provided us with some of the most exciting moments during PCS2 and they’re doing it again in PCS3. Surprisingly, this fight favored both teams at different points during the skirmish but would ultimately come down to an important reposition from “Snakers” that allowed Oath to come out on top.

Just prior to this clip, Oath Gaming arrived to finish off a wounded Soniqs team that was dead to rights. Soniqs were surrounded, knocked, and receiving fire from multiple angles. Incredibly, the team suddenly shifted the fight in their favor after HWINN landed a nade on top of Oath’s “Relo” and “PATKAPS”. Pushing uphill to find some cover and eliminate Oath, Soniqs managed to find and knock “Balefrost”, the third member of Oath Gaming. As that was happening, “Snakers” had positioned himself just behind the unexpecting Soniqs to wipe the two surviving members. He would bring Oath’s kill total to 11 for this match and place fourth as a lone survivor.


While they may not pack the same punch they once did, a well-placed grenade can still make light work of an injured squad. In this highlight, PATKAPS sprinted towards One Eye Open and cried out “KOBE”, at least I hope he did, as he hurled a frag towards the enemy team shielded by smoke. The killfeed lit up with Oath logos and PATKAPS’ name which the team immediately capitalized on.

PATKAPS landed the perfect toss onto One Eye Open and then found a member of Comets in the open to his right. He gets knocked but his teammates are there to clean up the fight and collect a few extra points, continuing the team’s stellar play over Week 3.


During Match 4 on the final day of Week 3, STK had already guaranteed themselves the first place position of the PCS3 NA Group Stage. That didn’t stop Luke12, the community-voted MVP of the PCS3 NA Group Stage, from providing us with another throwable kill from STK.

It’s unclear if Luke12 briefly spotted the player moving towards the door, or if this was just a pre-Molotov that landed perfectly, either way, he wins this one-versus-one without even peeking at the final member of Ascendence. Also, he won the first fight and is dropped down to 10HP, it appears as though Luke12 goes back to the eliminated player to loot that Molotov before immediately dropping it on top of the final enemy player. If he already had the Molotov, that’s great too, but it would be even greater if he had just picked up that throwable.

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