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There’s only one week left in the last global PUBG Continental Series of 2020! PCS3 has seen 64 teams over two weekends carry fire into Erangel and Miramar, to burn the others for bragging rights and a piece of a $200,000 per region prize pool!

PCS3’s Asia, North America, APAC, and Europe are debating heavily ahead of Week 3 kick-off on November 19th. The minutes are counting down until Pick’Em Challenge vote submissions are closed! Make sure to get those votes in by November 19th.
To better inform your Pick’Ems, we like to recap highlights and team performance from last week. Follow the leaderboards, may the PUBG Esports team behave in your favor!
Let’s take a look at PCS3 Week 2 Standings and leading teams in each region below!

As data is collected, we’ll share more PUBG Esports Player Stats (PEPS ) highlights and clips from each region on our social media! Get in on the action on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube Communities.  You don’t want to miss the fire lobby music, do you?


PCS3 Week 2 was one for the mid-pack as teams ranked #5-16 fought their hardest for a seat in the Top 5 of their region! Some regions had major come-ups, others played big on kill points. One or two regions held the same Top 3 positioning, but in each – the gap between the Top 3 closed under mounting pressure.

PCS3 Week 2: Asia
Asia is currently so hotly contested that it’s too close to determine a clear leader. Eight teams are currently standing above 100 points.


PCS3 Week 2: North America
Guadalajara Gascans huge weekend in North America, scoring 100 points to seat themselves a few points behind Soniqs. In Week 1, Veritas was in rank 2 and now in 9th. A team on a killing spree day can truly shake the leaderboards.


PCS3 Week 2: APAC
In APAC, LG Divine held their lead while the gap closed narrowly behind them. Buriram United Esports and Fury are closely behind – hoping to overtake Divine’s lead.


PCS3 Week 2: Europe
Europe’s leading three teams Tornado Energy, Northern Lights, and Digital Athletics kept dancing around the Top 3 with huge offensive play styles from players on each.


Keep an eye out on the leaderboards and good luck on your Pick’Em Challenge vote! Time will tell for the Championship teams coming out of PCS3.
For the full Pick’Em Challenge rundown, check out this article.


PCS3 Asia: Tianba esports Pulls Ahead
Of the 4 regions in PCS3, Asia is doing it BIG. Eight teams ended Week 2 with over 100 points on the leaderboard. While Multi Circle Gaming led the charge in Week 1, Tianba esports took the Top Spot ahead of Week 3. Tianba esports had a consistent Day 3 showing, but was trailed by Korea’s OGN Entus, who played a serious game in Week 2. Consistently, Tianba esports, OGN Entus and Magic-Circle Gaming are celebrating with placement points.

There are a few fan favorites that had shining moments during Day 3 and 4 of Week 2. Four Angry Men, OP.GG, and Gen.G all had important, hard earned wins. On Day 4, Tianba esports showed up and rocked placements.

Tianba esports’ PEPS Team Average after Week 2 in PCS3 Asia has them boasting an 83% on tactics – the ability to play around circles and use the map to their advantage.

The last match of Day 4 Tianba esports grabs another chicken dinner for 3 total so far in PCS3! Maybe a potential Pick’Em Challenge option for you all? Let us know!

TIANBA Esports taking the third match of the day securing the top spot on the leaderboard! BIG WIN for TIANBA!
🥇:TIANBA Esports
🥉:Multi Circle Gaming
#Day4 #PCS3 #PUBGEsports
— PUBG Esports (@PUBGEsports) November 13, 2020


PCS3 North America: The Mid-Pack is Rising!
Soniqs is still leading North America into Week 3 of PCS3, but there’s been some serious action beneath them. Notably, Guadalajara Gascans comes up with 106 points to move from 5th rank to 2nd during the Week 2 weekend. Can Guadalajara Gascans be the team to beat Soniqs or will Soniqs ignite the spark to burn them down?
When you see clips of TGLTN performing, it’s hard to believe any team has a chance. Soniqs has the most support of any team in the Pick’Em Challenge right now!

THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN! @soniqsEsports take the final chicken dinner!
— PUBG Esports (@PUBGEsports) November 13, 2020

It’s no surprise that Soniqs still has the lead with TGLTN, Shrimzy, hwinnn, and M1ME all showing great on PEPS . Team Average data from PCS3 Week 2 shows 70% on all stats, looking at 80% in Finishing – our measurement in how adept a player/team is at downing enemies and securing kills. Performance for the team leans offensive, centered, and early drops playing the long-game for placement, but making sure to secure the kill when needed.


PCS3 APAC: Welcome to the LG Divine Show!
PCS3 APAC is the only region where the Top 3 leader spots didn’t shift between Week 1 and Week 2. The gap has certainly closed between LG Divine and Buriram United Esports/FURY. DivisionX Gaming and Sharper Esport crept through the ranks to take seats behind Fury, while Purple mood E-Sport went from Rank 15 to 7 during the weekend. A massive gain that sparks our curiosity for Week 3’s performance.

If the consistently performing Buriram United Esports team can keep up their performance, it’s likely they’ll give LG Divine a run for their money, but the fans are cheering FURY who knows how to handle the late-game strategies. At the top of Day 4, we took a peek at Damage and Kill leaders in PCS3, a lot of Buriram United Esports and Fury on the board.

Here are your Top 5 Damage Givers and Kill Confirmers in PCS3 APAC so far in the PUBG Continental Series!
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— PUBG Esports (@PUBGEsports) November 15, 2020

LG Divine was forced to play a bit more offensively compared to Week 1. They’ve proved their ability in placements and here in kills as their finishing increases from 65% to 84% over the week. Last week Divine went 4/4 on Miramar, but actually had stronger showings on Erangel this time around – do we see versatility coming to fruition? Will they maintain their lead into PCS3 Championship?


PCS3 Europe: Digital Athletics Rises to the Top!
A lot can change in one week of PCS3! We’re bound to see some shake-ups in the Europe Grand Final as Tornado Energy, Digital Athletics, and Northern Lights battle with just 10 points difference between them. Europe fans for Team Liquid are excited to see their rising from rank #6 to #4, Natus Vincere from #10 to #7, and FaZe Clan from an unexpected #12 to #10.

In week 2, Saunabois and ENCE showed up for kill points, resulting in ENCE moving from #13 to #6! It seemed like every time a top contender was there challenging another team, ENCE or Saunabois moved in for the finish. Amazing team tactics all around!

When you see the opportunity for EZ frag, you go for EZ frag.
Lot of great plays from Saunabois in D3M11 of #PCS3 Europe!
— PUBG Esports (@PUBGEsports) November 14, 2020

The winner winner chicken dinner of Week 2 though, CodeMarco and Digital Athletics who also showed 90% on Survival – derived from multiple stats related to a player’s time survived and health recovered during matches. Those kills mean resupplies means massive heals on the field. A notable stat here – Digital Athletic’s 100 in “Tight” referring to Team Density – a player’s proximity to their team while in strategic movement, calculated by determining the “center” of the team’s formation during combat and determining “tight” versus “loose” formations.


Where to Watch PCS3 Week 3
Get those Pick’Ems submitted and look towards our social pages for PCS3 results! You’ll catch them soonest during PCS3’s next broadcasts on November 19th – 22th or watch the VODs from PCS3 Week 2 here:

The show continues next weekend with Asia and North America on Day 5 of PCS3 – November 19th, local time.


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