by Ty Brody

It won’t be long before some of PUBG Esports’ best descend onto Erangel and Miramar for the PCS4 Americas Grand Final! Starting on Thursday, June 10th, the first of thirty-six matches will begin as sixteen teams fight for their share of a $250,000 USD prize pool. Accompanying the prize money, points that count towards qualification for PUBG’s biggest event of the season, the PUBG Global Championship, will also be awarded based on final placement.

After a series of Open Qualifiers, Group Stage, and the Last Chance Qualifier, sixteen teams have earned themselves a shot at the PCS4 Americas title. Six enter from the LATAM region, will the other eight arriving from North America. The Grand Final will unfold over the next three weeks, with matches being held on Thursday and Friday.

With the action quickly approaching, here is everything you’ll need to know before the first Chicken Dinner is claimed.


The PCS4 Americas Grand Final will feature the ‘WWCD’ ruleset, which places focus on the team that ultimately claims the Chicken Dinner. At the end of each week, whichever team has won the most number of matches earns the first-place weekly prize. Our eventual champion will be determined by the team with the most prize money over the three weeks, similar to the format witnessed at PGI.S earlier this season.

  • 36 Matches over 6 Days
  • WWCD Rulset (Most Chickens)
  • Total Prize Money will determine PCS4 Americas Champion

Three weeks of play will be awarded individually, with the payouts counting towards the team’s overall prize money earnings – the deciding factor of a team’s final PCS4 Americas Grand Final placement. Each week, the goal is to collect as many match victories as possible across six matches. Once that week is finished and teams are awarded their prize money, the Chicken Dinner count and leaderboard are reset for the following week. Tiebreakers will be broke by Total Kills and a series of additional methods if necessary.

  • Week 1: June 10-11 16:00 (PT)
  • Week 2: June 17-18 16:00 (PT)
  • Week 3: June 24-25 16:00 (PT)


Many familiar faces and voices have returned for another exciting journey through the PUBG Continental Series! Some of PUBG Esports’ best in the business are prepared to guide fans through the PCS4 Americas Grand Final with their own experience and in-game knowledge.


Get involved in the action with the return of the Pick Em’ Challenge! An assortment of new PCS4-themed items can be found in the store in-game. These items come with voting coupons that are used to predict the winner of any PCS4 region. You can also participate in Team Faceoff. Select the team you believe will place higher and earn EP (Esport Points) for the choices you get correct! You can spend the EP collected from your correct predictions to unlock exclusive PCS4 items in the Esports Tab.

There’s another way to collect EP and get a free Pick’em vote – by just watching the broadcast! After each match, the broadcast will showcase a code on screen. Once a week, the broadcast will also release a code to a free voting coupon for the Pick’em Challenge. Redeem these codes in the “ADD BONUS / GIFT CODE” section of the Pick’Em Challenge event tab to obtain your prize.


The PCS4 Americas Grand Final will be broadcasted live on:

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