by Ty Brody

Week Two of the PCS4 Americas Grand Final presented each team with a fresh start. Prize money from the opening week was pocketed, teams reset their Chicken Dinner count to zero, and the first of twelve matches began to determine our Week Two champ. With a full week of play under everyone’s belt, the entire lobby approached this week’s matches feeling a bit more comfortable this time around. Quickly, Week Two had earmarks of last week’s action.

Soniqs and Dignitas won the opening two matches on Day One, placing them atop the leaderboard early. In a best-of-twelve series where the primary goal is collecting as many Chicken Dinners as possible, ten different teams would secure a win this week. The first two-win squad wouldn’t come until Match 11 on Day Two, shaking up the leaderboard as we prepared to drop into the final match of the week. This meant that the only teams within striking distance to overtake first were those with one win and more kills than Oath to win via tiebreaker. Nerves were at an all-time high as teams descended onto Erangel for the final time this week.

Recurrent themes that echoed the first week were renewed during the final game. Throughout the two-day series, the Soniqs continued to collect kills and position themselves above the rest. However, a pair of back-to-back wins from Oath Gaming would unseat Soniqs heading into Match 12. This set the stage for a thrilling finale, where once again, the Soniqs would crown themselves for the second consecutive week.


Week Two started and finished with the Soniqs claiming victory in convincing fashion. It began with a three-versus-four against Dodge, as ‘M1ME’ initiated the fight and turned it in the Soniqs favor with two critical knocks. Only one would have drastically increased their chances of winning the round, but two practically sealed the deal. The Soniqs would clear out the remainder of Dodge and eliminate the solo from Enrage Esports to secure their first win of the week.

To the surprise of no one, TGLTN led his team and the entire PCS4 Americas lobby in Kills and Damage Dealt. Sportsmanship on behalf of PUBG Esports may have limited him from receiving the recognition two weeks in a row, but he was clearly the ‘Player of the Week’ through these twelve matches. It’s tough, there just aren’t enough positive things to say about this entire squad. ‘TGLTN’ is one of, if not the best in the game, yet he isn’t carrying any unnecessary weight for this squad. M1ME, hwinn, and Shrimzy are undoubtedly top-tier players in their own right – who contribute so much to the success of this roster. And the Soniqs as a unit, starting-four members and their coach ‘Syllogic’ behind the scenes, have built an unstoppable force in the Americas region.


Two weeks in a row, Oath Gaming has claimed back-to-back wins on Match 10 and Match 11. And in both weeks, those two wins have been enough to settle Oath inside the top-four. As mentioned in the Soniqs highlight, Oath entered the final game in first place with an opportunity to finish on top. At the start of Match 12, the win scenario for Oath to claim first in Week Two involved a handful of teams. With so many one-win teams within range of Oath’s kill count, hot dropping the Soniqs or TSM wouldn’t have ensured the victory.

So, Oath was forced to play their game and cross their fingers that their nearest opponents on the leaderboard were eliminated. To their credit, Oath played a fantastic final round just off the heels of their two wins prior. Unfortunately for them, the Soniqs would not be removed from the lobby, and ultimately secure the final match of the week to reclaim first-place.

Oath Gaming was extremely close to claiming first but they should enjoy a second-place finish and its $14,000 USD reward. The team played well at times but struggled through the first eight matches of the week. This format doesn’t reward anything other than Chicken Dinners and the team managed to collect two on Erangel to close out the week. Heading towards the final week of play, Oath Gaming is the only team with a chance to unseat the Soniqs on the overall leaderboard.


There may only be one Chicken Dinner to show for it, but Troglogitas were one of the most impressive teams this week. They picked up their win during Match 4 against Wildcard Gaming after taking second in the match prior. ‘NecroAQN’, ‘killdemo’, ‘rustyzera’, and ‘Execs’ had three second-place finishes across the twelve-game series.

One second-place finish in this format is enough to frustrate any team. Troglogitas experienced three of them in just two days and continued to play strong until the end. Following a steady performance in Week One, an excellent showing in Week Two, things are trending upwards for TROG as we approach the third and final week of action.

In the match that followed their Chicken Dinner, Trogloditas wiped Dodge to place themselves in a four-versus-three against 303 Esports. The team’s positioning and play to back up one another earns them this fight. Unfortunately, it allowed 303 Esports to set up inside the zone and take this match.


Dignitas wasted zero time finding their Week One form. The team picked up what would be their only Chicken Dinner this week during Match 2. Two games in and our leaderboard was already looking familiar with SQ and DIG on top. The team won this match by remaining patient and striking at the perfect time. Soniqs and Spacestation Gaming were locked in a lengthy back-and-forth on the hillside beneath Dignitas. As the two teams weakened one another, DIG remained four-man strong and stepped in to claim their victory.

Earlier in the same match, Latin Dominous were making their way into the zone and needed to push directly at Dignitas. Unbeknownst to LTD, ‘Poonage’ had set up behind a vehicle from an unexpected angle and starched their advance. To eliminate the third and final member ‘Poonage’ was forced to move uphill and away from an underhanded grenade. This was just one of the highlights from the team’s strong Week Two display. Dignitas currently sit in third place overall with $19,000 USD.


Week Two of the PCS4 Americas Grand Final delivered more highlights than we can make room for! So, here are the best of the rest from this past week.




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